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Arcane Blast

Abilities by Family Magic Arcane Blast
Arcane Blast

100% Hit Chance 


Blasts the enemy with a surge of arcane power, dealing 295 Magic damage.


Damage increases by 98 each time it is used. Max 492 Magic damage.

Vs. Flying

Vs. Mechanical


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Used By:
Fledgling Nether Ray

Pet Battle: [20-21] Netherstorm

Lil' Tarecgosa [Lil' Tarecgosa]

Guild Achievement: Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest - Guild Edition

Category: General


Vendor: World Vendors - Guild

Cost: 1500gold (unlimited supply)

Magic Lamp [Magic Lamp]

Profession: Enchanting [525]

Taught By: [Formula: Magic Lamp]

Nether Faerie Dragon

Pet Battle: [11-12] Feralas

Nether Ray Fry [Nether Ray Fry]

Vendor: Grella

Zone: Terokkar Forest

Faction: Sha'tari Skyguard - Exalted

Cost: 40gold (unlimited supply)

Nordrassil Wisp

Pet Battle: [22-23] Mount Hyjal

Restless Shadeling

Pet Battle: [17-18] Deadwind Pass

Time: Early Morning

Sprite Darter Hatchling [Sprite Darter Egg]

Drop: World Drop

Zone: Feralas [40-50]

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 8,000

1-10 of 10
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