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Patch 7.0.3 is Live: New Pets & Models, Pet Tuning, And More!

July 19, 2016
UPDATE: There have been a few reports that winning a queued pet PVP match has a chance to reward Pet Charms.

Also, it should be noted that Garrison Perks have been removed. This includes the reduced cooldown on Revive Battle Pets from the Menagerie. The ability now has a standard 8 minute cooldown even while in Draenor.

Patch 7.0.3
The pre-expansion patch is here — It introduces a new event-exclusive pet, Pet Battle changes and tuning, plus quality of life improvements. Is your collection ready to face the Burning Legion? [source]

Patch 7.0.3 New Pets and Models
96 new pets have been added to the game! Keep in mind these pets cannot be collected yet, and will only be available once Legion is released.

Players can have a small taste of what's to come and preview all of the new pets in the Pet Journal — which pet are you most excited to collect in the expansion?

Felbat Pup
The pre-expansion patch isn't without its goodies! Two new pets will be available to collect prior to Legion's release.

The first pet, Felbat Pup (pictured right), is an event-exclusive pet that uses a new bat model.

It can be purchased during the upcoming Demon Invasion event. This World Event is scheduled to begin early August of this year.

Completing open world scenarios will reward Nethershards, which can be spent at special vendors in Stormwind, Orgrimmar or near each of the invasion points.

Check out Wowhead's guide to Demon Invasions for more information on how to acquire this new pet!

Be sure to take part in these invasion scenarios as the Felbat Pup is considered event-exclusive. Once Legion is released, this pet will likely no longer be purchasable. It can be caged though, so it may pop up on the Auction House from time to time.

Nursery Spider
The second pet is the Nursery Spider (pictured left), sold by none other than Breanni in Dalaran.

It costs 200 gold and players can pick up this little arachnid right now! Better have a battlestone ready; it's base quality is uncommon (green).

Updated Models
The Felbat Pup isn't the only pet with a new look. A few existing pet models have been updated with fluffier, less-polygonal appearances.

Update pet models

These updated pet models include (examples pictured above)...

  • Sheep
  • Squirrels
  • Mice and Rats
  • Rabbits, Bunnies, and Hares
  • Crow and Raven

With the large influx of new pets and model updates, we're still diligently working on updating the WarcraftPets database.

Thank you for your patience and your continued support. Stay tuned, we'll be rolling out new pet profiles and updates in the coming weeks.

Changes and Updates
A few changes were made to pet-related activities.

  • Pet Charm rewards from Draenor Pet Battle dailies have been reduced (roughly cut in half).
  • The Brawler's Guild is now on hiatus. We hope collectors managed to collect Clock'em! If not, don't worry. The Brawler's Guild will return at an undisclosed date during Legion.

In addition to the changes listed above, there are also some quality of life updates.

  • Players can now use spells, abilities, and other toys while transformed using the Magic Pet Mirror. Entering combat will still remove the costume.
  • Gift wrapped pets
    Promotional pets and companions purchased from the Blizzard Store now initially appear in the Pet Journal as wrapped gifts that players can click on to 'open', causing an unwrapping animation (example pictured right). This special effect cannot be applied to pets by players.
  • The Pet Journal now has additional search functionality, search and filter by pet ability! Example: Typing "Flock" into the search bar in the journal will return a list of pets with the Flock ability. This can sometimes lead to mixed results, however, as some abilities share names with zones (Howl and Howling Fjord, for example).
  • Bonkers can now be caged. This battle pet comes in multiple breeds, so it's a great time to clean up (or add to) your collection!
  • A new category was added as a source in the Pet Journal — Discovery. Currently only two pets can be filtered using this new category, both upcoming Class Order Hall Mission rewarded pets.

Pet Battle Tuning
Blizzard first announced possible pet tuning changes during Legion Alpha, and have since updated that list with additional changes.

A few changes were scrapped, however nearly all of the proposed adjustments are now live. The following is a list of the Pet Battle tuning changes released in today's pre-expansion patch.

There are also a few undocumented changes. Please note that we're currently investigating these unlisted changes, and that ability tooltips on pet pages may not appear properly yet.

Posted by Quintessence

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Met my goal of getting past 700 pets before the expansion, all at rare/25. Still pretty far to go though looking at what other people have done. Would like to find an active pet guild in US Perenolde either alliance or horde if one exists. I was hoping to find a way to search for any pet news or activities by realm and have not found a way to do this. Any suggestions on that as well?    

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Looking forward to Legion for some new pet collecting goals. I think I'm as close as I've ever been to having all of my wanted pets actually in my collection.


Picked up the Nursery Spider from Breanni and a few of the new toys available. I'm pretty close to getting the mount from the 300 toy achievement, but I don't think it will happen until Legion is properly released. Back-to-back Timewalking weeks got me the Ironbound Wraithcharger, and I was able to pick up a Riding Turtle from a fishing raid as well!

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I wanna be the very best

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Used my main to run Minding daily and tried to run the weekly.  Completed the daily, then got dropped.  Was told there was a queue to get back into the server (WTF?).  When I got back on, the weekly showed completed but failed to reward when turned in.


The 2 alt toons I checked about 10am Server time showed the daily again like they should.  Then I went out and came back a couple hours later. Those 2 don't have it now, but the other 6 do show it.  After running my alts, I went back to see if it was still there on the other 6.  



At least Kura is back with the daily account-wide quest. And it still works correctly.



Would >LOVE< to know what the hell is going on at Bliz central right now.

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Good Luck to all pet collectors ❣ ஐ╮


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