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Patch 7.2 PTR: New Achievement and Updates to Class Pets

February 17, 2017
UPDATE: Thanks to ‏@Nemo2342, we now know how the Rogue pet will be obtained in 7.2.

Crackers sitting on shoulder
Crackers is a quest reward that's unlocked a few quests after turning in Khadgar's quest to increase your Artifact Knowledge level.

It's unclear if there are additional prerequisites, such as level 25 Artifact Knowledge or artifact weapon level 35.

Crackers has a fun and unique interaction. Target this pet and emote /whistle, and it will sit on your character's shoulder! (pictured right) This will work for any class, not just Rogue.

This week's 7.2 PTR update included a new achievement related to the Pet Battle Dungeon, and updates to the upcoming Class Hall pets. [source]

Pet Battle Dungeon Achievement
Son of Skum
A new achievement was added in the latest PTR build — Pet Battle Challenge: Wailing Caverns.

This achievement is earned after players complete the challenge version of the Pet Battle Dungeon (no healing or reviving while inside).

The reward for the achievement is a new pet, Son of Skum (pictured right), which happens to also be one of the pet "boss" encounters you'll find while running the dungeon!

Death Knight and Monk Pet Updates
Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu
Death Knight and Monk class pets were added in this week's PTR patch. There are a number of prerequisites prior to collecting each one.

Keep in mind that this content is previewed from the PTR and is subject to change.

These pets can be purchased by max level players from a vendor found within the respective Order Hall. Each pet costs 10k Order Resources, and is BoP and not cageable.

Although these are pets sold by a vendor, purchasing them is not that simple.

In order to even view the pets on the vendors, players must first complete their class mount questline.

According to Blizzard's 'What's Next' recap from BlizzCon of last year, the class mount quests will only be available after players complete the Broken Shore intro-scenario and quests, and have earned max Legionfall reputation.

After completing the class mount storyline and unlocking the class pets on the vendor, players must then rank up their artifact weapon to level 43. This includes empowering the weapon, and learning the new artifact traits coming in Patch 7.2.

Check out Wowhead's guide to empowering artifact weapons in 7.2 for more information on the process of progressing your weapon further.

Monks will need to earn the achievement Power Ascended before they can buy their class pet, Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu (pictured above).

Locked Death Knight pets

Death Knights must empower and unlock all traits for all three artifact weapons. The ability to purchase each of the three new whelpling battle pets is tied to the corresponding weapon:

A Rogue pet, Crackers, is currently listed in the PTR Pet Journal, but it's still unknown how this companion will be obtained.

Check out all 7.2 datamined pets

These new class pets will likely be long-term goals for many collectors and will require a substantial time investment. Will you be going after these pets?
Posted by Quintessence

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