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Patch 6.2 PTR: Blazing Firehawk and Savage Cub

May 28, 2015
Two new pets were added to the 6.2 PTR in the recent patch. [source]

New Faction Pets
Z'tenga the Walker
Two new pets will be available from two new factions in 6.2. Both pets will require a reputation grind, but it will be worth it!

The first pet is the Blazing Firehawk, which will be available from Dawn-Seeker Krisek for 2000 Apexis Crystals.

You'll need quite a bit of esteem with the Order of the Awakened before you can purchase this pet though. The vendor will only sell this pet to players who are Exalted with the faction.

The second pet is the Savage Cub. Once Revered with The Saberstalkers, Z'tenga the Walker will sell you this pet for a unique currency — 200 Blackfang Claws.

These claws can be looted from the saberon at Fang'rila in Tanaan Jungle. Be careful though, the saberon are fierce enemies who would much rather keep their claws than hand them over to you.

Patch 6.2 is shaping up to be full of pets from various sources. Currently there are 26 new companions just waiting to be collected!

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Posted by Quintessence

Latest Wall Posts

Working on leveling duplicates and saving charms until 6.2, one day I'll work on the Stunted Direhorn.

Today at 6:17pm | Thunderlord-US | Pets: 699 Compare collections | Score: 4171

Just got my first Unborn Val'kyr today and barely missed getting a Minfernal as well...a good day!                                                                                                                                                                                                  Update: Just got my first Minfernal....

Today at 3:04pm | Aerie Peak-US | Pets: 432 Compare collections | Score: 2332

♥Recent additions

688. Zao, Calfling of Niuzao

687. Trunks


√Todo List:

Trunks 44/44

Celestials Tournament 3/4

Darkmoon Faire Pets 11/14

Nat Pagle 1/2



All pets rare quality 450/686

All pets max level 220/686

Draenor Pet Brawler 450/2000

Legendary Pet Brawler 2300/5000

Today at 12:28pm | Dragonblight-EU | Pets: 688 Compare collections | Score: 3564

I've been fishing like a madwoman lately and I actually caught a Riding Turtle in my garrison. Was well happy. Also got enough coins for my 2nd Nat Pagle pet. Just the mount to go.


edit: I FINALLY beat the Celestial Tournament! At long freaking last do I have Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji. Now to win 9 more times.


Latest Pets:

Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji

Sea Calf

Royal Peacock

Shadow Sporebat


Latest Mounts:

Sunstone Panther

Riding Turtle

Swift Breezestrider


Working On:

Mountacular: 232/250

Fishing for Lunkers: 124/200

Celestial Coins: 3/12


Thank you Breanni from the bottom of my heart. <3

Today at 11:33am | Magtheridon-EU | Pets: 645 Compare collections | Score: 3310

Decorate your garrison with NPC pets like Peckers and Sappy :)

Today at 10:13am | Argent Dawn-US | Pets: 426 Compare collections | Score: 2208
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