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Username: Warstar  
Character: Warstar (A)
Realm & Rank: Ysera-US (#8)
Pets Collected: 604/612
Pets Rated: 1/623 — Appearance
1/611 — Battle
Joined: November 20, 2009
Last Online: October 08, 2014
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Warstar Says: 

Just levelling pets for PVP. I am pretty close to the Trainer title. What once seemed so impossible is getting there! ;-)


Nabbed my 10th Skyshard FINALLY and got the Thundering Ruby mount from Alani. No more Ruins of Guo-Lai EVER!!!! YAY!


Also, it will be kind of nice to have Mountacular AND Drake Collector on Day 1 of Patch 6.0! I will ride the Green Fel Firehawk and the Emerald Drake like there's no tomorrow!



Posted Sep 1, 2014 at 11:37pm

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About Warstar:

Well, we all have our obsessions I suppose. Don't ask me about my 259 (!!!) Alliance-Only mounts either...


I am glad that Horde-only mounts are no longer counted in mount totals for Alliance players, and that the total is based on the toon instead of combined! This puts me firmly at #2 in Ysera in faction-summonable mounts (some transfer Hordie is +/- 9 mounts ahead of me. Not gonna beat 'em any time soon) and #1 on Ysera in Alliance Faction-only mounts!


I would like to get Murky (or a REAL Murloc instead of one dressing up in a costume all the time) or Tyrael someday, but I have a feeling I might have to rely on charity for them. I've worked hard and sacrificed time, sanity- not to mention money- for my pets. Any donations would be appreciated ;-) Find me on the server!

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