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Username: Presto Top Rater  
Character: Presto (A)
Realm & Rank: Elune-US (#4)
Pets Collected: 591/595
Pets Rated: 617/623 — Appearance
86/611 — Battle
Joined: February 18, 2014
Last Online: 5 days ago
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About Presto:

Happy Trades! 


Thanks go to all of you for helpling me get my WoD DD :)

 Special thanks for helping me get my RAF pets go to: 

 Valors: Golden Pig

 ZohdeeSilver Pig

 RegillixavatarJade Tiger

 MelmoZipao Tiger

  Extra special thanks for my Blizzard Gear pets go to:

  FaelarGryphon Hatchling

  SneakosWind Rider Cub

   Extra-EXTRA special thanks for my Collector's or Digital Deluxe Edition pets go to:

   RorybearBaneling (SC2: HotS CE/DD)

   RorybearTreasure Goblin (D3: RoS DD)

   Icymaiden: Lucky Quilen Cub (WoW: MoP CE)


WCPets members that I have traded with include:

♦ Amadia ♦ Ballincolin66 ♦ Cdeveau ♦ Dazz ♦ Faelar 

♦ Goldash ♦ Icymaiden ♦ Jaadpets ♦ Jarekucb ♦ Kalium

♦ Krystenn ♦ Melmo ♦ Nicrooney ♦ Nyorai ♦ Opteron 

Popocat ♦ Regillixavatar ♦ Rorybear ♦ Serasi1965 ♦ Sneakos 

♦ Tops420♦ Valors ♦ Warcrafthope ♦ Zohdee ♦ 


What happened to my Elites?

Spectral Tiger Cub to Ballincolin66

Bananas to Kalium

Hippogryph Hatchling to Nyorai

Bananas to Nyorai

Viscous Horror to Tops420

Ethereal Soul-Trader to Icymaiden

Spectral Tiger Cub to Icymaiden

Rocket Chicken to Icymaiden

Hippogryph Hatchling to Jarekucb

Viscous Horror to Warcrafthope

Bananas to Amadia

Viscous Horror to Rorybear 

Ethereal Soul-Trader to Rorybear 

Dragon Kite to Rorybear 

Tuskarr Kite to A52 AH

Viscous Horror to Valors

Spectral Tiger Cub to Sneakos

Viscous Horror to Cdeveau

Rocket Chicken to A52 AH

Ethereal Soul-Trader to Zohdee

Dragon Kite to Regillixavatar

Viscous Horror to Krystenn

Darkmoon Rabbit to Melmo

Bananas to Jaadpets

Rocket Chicken to Nicrooney

Tuskarr Kite to Stormrage AH

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