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Username: NathKnave Top Rater  
Character: Knave (A)
Realm & Rank: Nathrezim-US (#2)
Pets Collected: 729/732
Pets Rated: 8/766 — Appearance
6/750 — Battle
Joined: March 15, 2009
Last Online: 3 days ago
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NathKnave Says: 

Looking forward to Legion for some new pet collecting goals. I think I'm as close as I've ever been to having all of my wanted pets actually in my collection.


Exciting day for me. I finally found Silthide and got myself a Sapphire River beast. But even more exciting, after 114 total kills, I finally got Mimiron's Head!

Posted Jul 7, 2016 at 9:03pm

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About NathKnave:

Pets: 727 unique pets - all* rare and level 25 (where applicable)

* Except Graves and Baby Winston, my newest pets.


Mounts: 289 unique mounts (

Currently actively farming:

ICC for Invincible

Dragon Soul for Experiment 12-B

Currently farming/camping when I get time:

Voidtalon of the Dark Star

Newest Mounts: Sapphire Riverbeast and Mimiron's Head(!)


Toys: 223

Currently working on:

Blazing Diamond Pendant (Yes, I'm leveling a horde toon with JC for a single toy.)


Achievements Points: 20,825

Currently working towards:

Unite the Clans (Archaeology): 18/19

Admiral (Shipyard): 800/1000


Other Goals:

Have every class at level 100 - 6/11

Warrior - 90

Priest - 85

Paladin - 80

Mage - 70

Monk - 60


For those curious about me:


I started playing WoW in Vanilla, but not at launch (my account recently hit the 10 year mark in February 2016). I hit 60 only 8 days before Burning Crusade, so I have no experience with Vanilla raiding. During BC I raided 10 mans (Kara, ZA), but Wrath of the Lich King was my primary rading expansion (10 and 25 man - killed the Lich King on 10 man while it was current - nerfed, but current). In Cataclysm most of my friends quit WoW, but I've stuck with it. Collecting is what I do now, and still having things to work towards in a game I love keeps me constantly logging in.


Pets first became a thing for me during the first Children's Week in BC. I'd obviously seen them before, but Willy's ability to zap critters really did it for me. I also have fond memories of raiding Karazhan when my friend would hit my Mechanical Yeti with a pet biscuit and I would use my World Enlarger. For a little while I would run around as the yeti's pet.


Mounts were a thing for me even back then as well. I had a friend that had a Spectral Tiger (he only bought six packs; who does that?), so I had to get at least one mount he didn't. I got two. I swapped to engineering for the 'copter and did the grind for the Winterspring Frostsaber. You might trip over those mounts now (even the Spectral Tiger), but at the time they were accomplishments.


Once they added in the system for collections in the Wrath pre-patch, it was on. No more just having two mounts (one ground, one flying), or only a pet or two for down time during raids. No, I had to have them all. 

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