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Username: LSW Top Rater  
Character: Adwae (H)
Realm & Rank: Shadow Council-US (#4)
Pets Collected: 843/874
Pets Rated: 861/893 — Appearance
2/874 — Battle
Joined: October 28, 2008
Last Online: 5 days ago
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LSW Says: 

Family Familiar Achieve:


Family Familiar completed and all of it done on a single toon, not once taking advantage of the loophole that was available prior to 7.1 . I do now have 3 lvl 110's with two 109's just around the corner, and a 108 not to far behind those two. Have both druid pets, 2 of the enchanted pets, and working towards getting the mats for the others. My paladin leatherworker will be one of the last to level since she is still at 73, but I am getting there slowly. :D

Posted Feb 26, 2017 at 11:50am

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About LSW:

~ Noteworthy News Activity ~

~ February 26th, 2017~

Still the Most Awesome Strats : 


Seaborne spore refuses to drop. Anyone have a secret out there? Would appreciate the share. Still need one last pet for raidign with leashes, and it drops from LK. Family Familiar is done!!! During the last pet battle event leveled all the pets I intend to level. I still want some better breeds that drop from Rw/LIV... 3 to be precise... So the ones I have are place holders until I get better breeds. Now working on the profression quests pets because yeah... not paying the gold that some of those pets are going for.


~ Pet Achievement Activity ~

So. Many. Pets. : Completed

Draenor Pet Brawler : Completed

Broken Isles Safari : Complete

Battle on the Broken Isles : Completed

Raiding with Leashes I : Completed

Raiding with Leashes II : Completed

Raiding with Leashes III : Completed

Raiding with Leashes IV :  15 of 16

Tanaan Jungle : STILL Missing Seaborne Spore

Family Familiar : Done.

No PvP started .... Yet.


~ Recent Collection Additions ~


Enchanted Pen

Enchanted Cauldron


~ WoW Progress Statistics ~

Current Pet Score : 50798.62

realm:  3  (horde: 2)  (hunter: 1)


PRE 2016

My highest rating ever:

world: 1200 (hunter: 168)

US:  455 (hunter: 59)

realm: 3 (hunter: 2) (horde 2)

Pet Score: 26138.29


~ My Toy Collection ~ 

WoWhead Profile : Collected (343), Missing (73), Excluded (24)


~ My Mount Collection ~

Adwae's Mount Collection

Total Unique Mounts : 352

{across classes and races)

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