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Username: Feathered Top Rater  
Character: Maleika (A)
Realm & Rank: Shadowsong-US (#21)
Pets Collected: 570/588
Pets Rated: 280/623 — Appearance
270/611 — Battle
Joined: September 16, 2010
Last Online: Today
Community: Comments (8)
Forum Posts (40)
Messaging: Enabled Contact Feathered

Feathered Says: 

31 to go before a million get added again *twitch twitch*

Posted Sep 14, 2014 at 4:34am

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About Feathered:

Fav pets:Spectral Tiger Cub, Royal, Wind Rider Cub,  Nether Faerie Dragon, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Snowy Owl


Currently working on:

Rares! Oh the rares

Brawlers: Have invite, havent started lvling ranks

Arch pets: 1 left! Stupid Crawling Claw >.<

Camel Figurine: None to date


Toons on Alexstraza:

Main Alli: Zaiysa(90 Dreanei SPriest, Inscrip/Herb)

Feathered(90 Worgen Druid, Inscript/Skin)

Salish(90 Draenei Shaman, JC/Mining)

Ajia(86 Worgen Rogue, Mine/Engineer)

Mitsouko(86 Draenei Monk, LW/Skin)

Sying(90 Panda Mage, Tailor/Enchant)

Raiysa(66 Worgen Hunter)

Shivani(58 Worgen DK)

Illuminara(28 Draenei Priest, bank alt)


Toons Winterhoof:

Main Horde: Iridescence(90 Troll Druid, LW/Skin)


Toons on Shadowsong/Borean Tundra:

Main Alli: Maleika(90 Draenei SPriest, Mine/JC)SS

Phantaysia(90 Panda Monk, Herb/Inscript)SS

Gwynerva(90 Worgen Warlock, Engineer/Alchem Flasks)SS

Leiska(90 Dreanei Shaman, Herb/Alchem transmute)SS

Iridescence(90 NElf Druid, Herb/Mining)SS

Heeka(90 Draenei Mage, Tailor/Enchant)SS

Naresha(90 Worgen Hunter, LW/Skin)SS

Fiizgiig(90 Wogen Rogue, Herb/Alchem)SS

Varaia(21 Human Rogue, Bank Alt)SS

Illika(90 Draenei Pali, Mining/BS)BT


Feel free to PM me. Battle tag zaiysa4127#1696.

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