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Changes to the Top 50 Collections Lists

December 18, 2011
Changes to the Top 50 Collections Lists
As many of you know, we recently made some major upgrades to WarcraftPets. One of the biggest changes was the ability to track collections for all of your characters on a single account. This in turn lead to changes to the way the Top 50 Collections lists were calculated.

  • The Top 50 (Single-Character) list compares all characters in our database and pulls up the 50 with the most pets.
  • The Top 50 (Account-Wide) list compares all the members of our site that have more than one character listed, pulling up the accounts with the highest pet total across all characters.

Under our old system, members who appeared on one list would not appear on the other. But our new system allowed for many members to be included on both lists.

For example, if Matt was at the top of the single-character list with 200 pets on his "Conan" character, he would also appear at the top of the account-wide list simply because he had additional characters listed on his account. So while accurate, this account-wide top 50 list didn't really give anyone else a chance in the spotlight, as it was originally intended to do.

Bottom Line:
To be more equitable, we made an additional change to the account-wide list. Now members who appear on the top 50 single-character list will NOT be repeated on the account-wide list. This will give more collectors an opportunity to shine.
Posted by Breanni
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