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Dragonflight Alpha: New Pets, Achievements & More

July 15, 2022
UPDATE: The change to the Pet Battle Bonus Event is only a tooltip update. Bonus pet experience was changed in Patch 9.1.5, and the tooltip will be receiving an update to reflect that change.

Dragonflight Alpha is finally underway. New battle pets have been datamined, plus new collecting achievements, and changes to the Pet Battle Bonus Event. Keep in mind that all things are subject to change over the course of Alpha and Beta testing.

New Pets
103 battle pets have been datamined so far! 40 non-tradeable (includes 13 wild, 4 achievement rewards), and 62 cageable. [source]

Dragonflight wild battle pets

Six of the wild battle pets (pictured above) found in Dragonflight will come in multiple skins (not pictured). Choose your favorite color or collect them all!

New Achievements
Dragonflight will have four new pet collecting achievements that reward a new pet each (pictured below). [source]

Dragonflight achievement reward pets

There are currently 1522 battle pets in-game (this number includes pets that are no longer available) so it might be some time before players can earn all of these newest achievements.

Bonus Event Changes
UPDATE: This is only a tooltip change. Pet experience during the Pet Battle Bonus Event was updated in Patch 9.1.5, and the tooltip is being adjusted to reflect those changes.

MMO-Champion has datamined a change to the Pet Battle Bonus Event. [source]

"Pet Battle Bonus Event - While this event is active, your pets will earn experience at double the usual rate! Get out there and battle!"
Posted by Quintessence
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