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New Blizzard Store Pet Now Available: Cap'n Crackers

September 19, 2018
Cap'n Crackers
Just in time for "Talk Like A Priate Day", a new battle pet was added to the Blizzard Store. Meet Cap'n Crackers! [source]

Cap'n Crackers (pictured right) costs $10 (USD), and can be purchased from either the In-Game Shop or the online Blizzard Store.

We'll have this pet's profile added to the database as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

So ye goin' to take thee plunge and adopt this adorable pirate parrot? Yarr, Cap'n Crackers is ready to go on some epic adventures. If ye show him a good time, maybe he'll even make ye his first mate!
Posted by Quintessence

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Latest Wall Posts

little off-topic but wanted to remind people that today only u can get hidden toy Jolly Roger from booty bay if u have Avast Ye Admiral achievement

Yesterday at 5:30pm | Maiev-US | Pets: 820 Compare collections | Score: 4445

I have 881 unique pets as of 9-19-2018, and 354 of these are level 25.

Most recent pets: Squawkling, Poda, Guardian Cobra Hatchling, Teeny Titan Orb, Ragepeep, Crimson Frog, Taptaf, Drustvar Piglet, Carnivorous Lasher, Sandstinger Wasp, Barnacled Hermit Crab, Greatwing Macaw, and Mechanical Prarie Dog. Probably getting Scabby as soon as I can afford him. Cou'pa will probably happen soon as well. (2k rep to go with Tortollan Seekers, saving up Polished Pet Charms now; have almost 150.)

Most wanted pets:

Firefly, Gundrak Hatchling, Tiny White Carp, Tiny Red Carp, Fox Kit, Darkmoon Rabbit, Durotar Scorpion, Moon Moon, Thistleleaf Adventurer, Blackfuse Bombling, Dart, Baby Crawg, Gearspring Hopper,  and pretty much anything I don't have :)

Yesterday at 12:29pm | Durotan-US | Pets: 881 Compare collections | Score: 4666

I finally broke 900 pets. Very happy with that. It was the Tiny Titan Orb from Arathi Highlands that made it happen. 

My real life has been interfering with my collecting lately. My father fell seriously ill very suddenly, but he's thankfully on the mend again now and everyday life can go back to being everyday life.


Working on:

Toys 388/400

Island Expeditions


Recent Pets:

Tiny Titan Orb

Zandalari Shinchomper

Lil' Ben'fon


Thank you Breanni from the bottom of my heart. <3

Yesterday at 9:31am | Magtheridon-EU | Pets: 900 Compare collections | Score: 4805

Just hit 950 pets! Only 50 more to go to Hearthy...

Yesterday at 12:28am | Earthen Ring-US | Pets: 950 Compare collections | Score: 5681

987 unique pets...WOOT!!


Completed the dailies for Bumbles today, and also got Taptaf! I had visited the little house before, but didn't realize there was a hidden pet there. I'm so glad I went back for this little cutie. 


I finally got my levelling and gearing up for raids out of the way, so I can commit a bit more time back to my collection. Took me two days, but I finished Battle Safari and got my very own Dreadtick Leecher! Also had a fun time gathering all the pieces for the secret pet Wicker Pup. Getting closer to 1000...Yay! 


So many little time!! Lol!! =D

2 days ago at 11:50pm | Madoran-US | Pets: 987 Compare collections | Score: 5772
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