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Patch 7.3 PTR: Four New Pets and A New Trainer

June 30, 2017
Testing on the 7.3 PTR began this past week, and four new pets were discovered along with a new trainer. [source]

New Pets
Four new pets were datamined from the 7.3 PTR. Keep in mind that nothing is final, and pets and other content may change prior to official release.

  • Dibbler - Drops from Leprous Sack of Pet Supplies (more on this below)
  • Ghost Shark - Currently listed as vendor pet from Nat Pagle (garrison), however this could be Placeholder information
  • Golden Retriever - Source unknown
  • Naxxy (pictured right) - Vendor pet during Hallow's End

All 7.3 datamined pets

In addition to new pets, Wowhead datamined some new creature models including Australian Shepherd puppies (pictured below, courtesy of Wowhead). We can only hope these cute canines will be collectible battle pets!

Australian Shepherd Pups datamined by Wowhead

New Trainer
Initially, it was speculated that the new reward bag, Leprous Sack of Pet Supplies, would be from a Gnomeregan Pet Battle Dungeon. However, as of this writing, there is no indication that this Pet Dungeon will be included in 7.3.

So where will the Leprous Sack of Pet Supplies come from? WarcraftPets user Flohsakk discovered that this bag is rewarded from a new trainer!

Environeer Bert and his team of Mechanical pets
Environeer Bert (pictured right) can be found in Gnomeregan. He's located in the left tunnel after exiting the elevator area. He offers the daily quest, 'Bert's Bots'.

Similar to Crysa and her team of all Flying pets, Bert is accompanied by a pet team comprised of a single pet family type. He has three level 25, epic quality Mechanical pets.

Bring your best team to defeat him in a Pet Battle for a chance at a new pet, Dibbler!

Small Pet Journal Update
New Summon Random Favorite Pet button
Last but not least, a small Quality of Life update was added — a Summon Random Favorite Pet button (pictured above). It can be found next to the Revive Battle Pets button in the Pet Journal.

The command to summon a random pet and random favorite pet can still be used, however with this new button collectors won't have to manually create their own macro.
Posted by Quintessence

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Unique Pet: 859 at Max Level: 788   Realm Rank Runetotem-EU #4

Legion vs RNG: still waiting to drop the Wonderous Wisdomball


My new pet:

N° 857 Orphaned Felbat

N° 858 Bloodbrood Whelpling

N° 859 Enchanted Pen


Battle Pet Dungeon Deadmines:3/4



DK class pet: 2/3 now working on unholy dragon

Mage class: toy 

Druid class pet: 2/2   

Chromie scenario

Crafting/collecting all the items for the Sun Darter


Pet Goals:

- Raising enchanting on my alt mage for the profession's pets

- Level a Rogue for class pet

- Level a Monk for class pet

- Graves

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All owned at Rare - Done (again) as of 24/05/2017

All owned at level 25 - Done as of 11/09/2016

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Maintain Rank #10 or above on realm - Started 16/12/2015 (Highest #2)

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Working on;

* Getting all eligible pets to level 25 - ✔757 atm

* Concordance x 3 on DK for the whelplings > Levelling Monk > Levelling Rogue/Warrior for class specific toys



Most recent pets acquired (879 Unique)


Albino Buzzard

Drudge Ghoul

Ageless Bronze Drake & Bronze Proto-Whelp

Foe Reaper 0.9 & Mining Monkey



Latest Mount (333 Horde);

* Wild Dreamrunner ♥



Happy Hunting & a huge thanks to everyone who's ever helped me with all my collecting!

Yesterday at 8:20pm | Draenor-EU | Pets: 879 Compare collections | Score: 5159

I finally got all my pets to level 25 rare; over 1000 of them. Came here to My Collection page and updated my collection - when I have the time I will have to figure out why WarcraftPets thinks I have 1091 total pets and WoW has me at my 1096. That is a chore for another day.

I can't believe I finally broke 5000 rating! WOOT!!!

Yesterday at 3:00pm | Skywall-US | Pets: 836 Compare collections | Score: 5003
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