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Battle For Azeroth Adds 100+ Pets!

August 13, 2018
Battle For Azeroth is live

Battle For Azeroth is live this week, and adventures on Kul Tiras and Zandalar await — there are new battle pets to discover and collect!

New Pets In Battle For Azeroth
BFA adds 116 new pets! This is one of the largest number of pets available at the start of an expansion, coming in second only to Mists of Pandaria.

BFA achievement pets

Some highlights include:

  • 27 wild pets to capture
  • 7 profession crafted pets
  • 3 pets rewarded from achievements (pictured above)
  • 8 reputation pets
  • 32 pets from BFA vendors (includes the reputation pets)
  • ...and more!

With so many new pets, it's now possible to obtain Hearthy (reward from Master of Minions - collect 1000 pets).

Check out all BFA pets!

We're working on updating many pre-BFA pet profiles with images of the new models, plus updating the Pet Achievements Guide to include newer achievements. We plan on rolling out these updates in batches in the near future; thank you for your patience.

New Pet Battle Features In Battle For Azeroth
This expansion brings not only new pets, but also some interesting features. [source]

  • BFA Pet Battle World Quests (unlocked at level 120) scale to the highest level pet on a player's active pet team. It's unclear if this tech will be applied to pre-BFA content.
  • BFA Pet Battle encounters have new mechanics, such as "A powerful spell that summons a random Weather effect; Several additions to suite of Heals that will have increased effects based on your pet’s health; Aura effects that heal your pet (or damage the enemy pet) based on the last hit dealt".
  • Polished Pet Charm is a brand new currency that is used to buy consumables from the Pet Battle vendor, plus new pets and toys.
  • In case you missed out on it, the Pocket Pet Portal is now available on a BFA vendor for Polished Pet Charms.
  • There are 3 new fun companion pet toys in BFA - Laser Pointer for completing Battle on Zandalar and Kul Tiras achievement, plus Tiny Mechanical Mouse and Imaginary Gun which can both be purchased from BFA vendors for Polished Pet Charms.
  • Last but not least, a new cosmetic consumable, Ghostly Pet Biscuit (requires Honored with Order of Embers).

Notably missing at BFA's launch are the next Pet Battle Dungeon or Raiding With Leashes VI achievement. However, developer Jeremy Feasel noted in an interview with Forbes that there are plans for a new pet dungeon, the next Raiding With Leashes, as well as Family Familiar-style challenges. There's currently no specific date or patch set for these features. We can't wait to learn more as the expansion moves forward!

Thank you to Weena and Vephriel for volunteering their time to help update the WarcraftPets database with over 100 new pets and many revamped images. Thank you for your all of your hard work.

And a big, heartfelt thank you to all WarcraftPets users for your continued support. WarcraftPets wouldn't be possible without you.

We'll see you on Kul Tiras and Zandalar — happy collecting and battling!
Posted by Quintessence

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Battle For Azeroth IS HERE!! Having so much fun pet hunting in the new zones, and boy have I got a TON of pet charm grinding to do for all these new pets :D



Pets left to upgrade - 5

Pets to max level - 367

Achievements in progress

Celestial Family - One down, 3 to go \o/

Let's Bee Friends - 5 days left

Battle Safari




Pets actively being worked on


Albino Buzzard

Crawling Claw

Empowered/Empyreal Manafiend



Also still need pretty much all profession pets :D

Today at 1:19pm | Turalyon-EU | Pets: 834 Compare collections | Score: 4638

New pets with the new expansion :)

Yesterday at 6:05am | Die Arguswacht-EU | Pets: 756 Compare collections | Score: 4094

Hope everyone is enjoying BFA!


We're still in the process of getting everything up-to-date on WarcraftPets. There's a lot to do, but you can help! If you see any errors or missing information on the new BFA pet profiles, please let us know (report a correction).


Thank you, and happy collecting & battling!


If you notice any website bugs or have suggestions, contact us or leave a message on the forums!


Feel free to browse through Perks N Peeves, my pet collecting blog. Or follow me on Twitter for additional pet updates and news.

2 days ago at 10:45pm | Proudmoore-US | Pets: 947 Compare collections | Score: 5661

I scratched my Mini Tyrael I won off eBay for $893...I think I need help...anyone know the number to Warcraft Pets Anonymous?

2 days ago at 5:47pm | Dragonblight-US | Pets: 898 Compare collections | Score: 5332

YAY NEW STUFF! I am actually liking this xpac a lot more than I thought I would! But we'll see how it is in a couple months when the new "X-pac" smell wears off and all the fish we see hanging up everywhere start to turn...


Otherwise,  12 mounts til 400, 4 reps til 100. Lots of pets to go but right now it's rep, mounts and gear. Pets will be there ;-)



2 days ago at 7:40am | Ysera-US | Pets: 949 Compare collections | Score: 5674
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