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New Blizzard Store Pet Now Available: Cap'n Crackers

September 19, 2018
UPDATE: Blizzard recently released a hotfix that gives Cap'n Crackers to ability to respond to the /whistle. He will now sit on your character's shoulder if you target and use this emote! [source]

Unfortunately, Cap'n Crackers doesn't get along with Crackers. If you already have either one on your shoulder, summoning the other will result in the one sitting on your shoulder to despawn. They don't like sharing their perch, it would seem.

Cap'n Crackers
Just in time for "Talk Like A Pirate Day", a new battle pet was added to the Blizzard Store. Meet Cap'n Crackers! [source]

Cap'n Crackers (pictured right) costs $10 (USD), and can be purchased from either the In-Game Shop or the online Blizzard Store.

We'll have this pet's profile added to the database as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

So ye goin' to take thee plunge and adopt this adorable pirate parrot? Yarr, Cap'n Crackers is ready to go on some epic adventures. If ye show him a good time, maybe he'll even make ye his first mate!
Posted by Quintessence

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I recently became an owner of the dragon kite, a pet I have covetted for years. I’m in awe that I finally have it!!!! 

My next venture is Baa’l but only when I‘ve exhausted a bit more of the pve environment.

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I have been very casual this xpac collecting. But hoping to get more on it once I catch up with everything else soon. So many new pets. Enjoying getting the Demonic goat. That was a lot of fun. 

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