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Upcoming Pet Charm Changes In Patch 8.0

June 30, 2018
UPDATE: Blizzard has announced that the pre-patch will be live on July 17th. [source]

The pre-expansion patch is just around the corner. There will be a significant change to Pet Charms that Pet Battlers and collectors will want to take note of. [source]

Reminder: Spend Your Pet Charms Soon
In upcoming Patch 8.0 Pet Charms will be renamed to Shiny Pet Charms, and the Pet Battle vendors, Lio the Lioness and Serr'ah, will stop accepting this existing currency in exchange for their wares.

Players will not lose any currency during this transition, and Shiny Pet Charms will still be used to purchase existing vendor pets and toys. Additionally, pre-Battle For Azeroth Pet Battle content will continue awarding Shiny Pet Charms.

However, a new currency, Polished Pet Charm, will be required to purchase battlestones, pet bandages, biscuits and treats, cosmetic pug hats, plus any new Battle For Azeroth pets and toys.

Pet Battle vendor requiring new currency
The price of the Ultimate Battle-Training Stone is also being increased from 45 to 60 on top of requiring Polished Pet Charms to purchase, in the pre-expansion patch. (example from PTR pictured above)

Polished Pet Charms can only be earned in the expansion, so if you need any battle pet consumables it would be wise to stock up while vendors are still accepting existing currency (Pet Charms).

The bottom line: If you want consumables from the Pet Battle vendors, either to use right now or to stock up for Battle For Azeroth, spend your Pet Charms before the pre-expansion patch! (Patch 8.0 estimated release date mid-July 2018)

We're inching closer and closer to the expansion — it's exciting and we can't wait!
Posted by Quintessence

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938 unique pets...WOOT!!


Made it to R3 of the Brawler's Guild this afternoon and picked up the awesome Tylarr Gronnden! I'm so glad to finally have this guy in my collection! Yesterday I got my Horde Shaman to lvl 100 and have my very own adorable Snowfang. Two more off the list before Battle for Azeroth! =D


Finally completed the Glory of the Tomb Raider achievement and got my beautiful Micronax! A massive thank you to my Horde guild <WarcraftPets> on Madoran for all your hard work! You guys are awesome! **hugs**


Slowly picking up the pets from the Deadmines Pet Battle Dungeon and managed to get Tricorne. He's such a cutie!


So many little time!! Lol!! =D

Yesterday at 4:40pm | Madoran-US | Pets: 938 Compare collections | Score: 5493

As the Romulans said in Star Trek: TNG


"We are back"


(Reguarding me and my pets :) )

2 days ago at 11:10pm | Draka-US | Pets: 930 Compare collections | Score: 5561

 • Currently Working on:

√ Finishing All Class Campaigns

- Wailing Caverns Pet bag 2/3 Everliving Spore

- Argus pets, two to go. Cross Gazer Rebellious Imp

√ Family Familiar 10/10

- Family Fighter 


♥Recent Additions

919. Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu

918. Hateful Eye

917. Crackers


♦Wish List♦

Vendor: Celestial Calf

Black Market: Thundering Serpent Hatchling

Auction House: Hatespark the Tiny

TCG: Nightsaber Cub Tuskarr Kite Rocket Chicken Spectral Tiger Cub


Mount Collection♣

- Total: 365



-  Total Toys: 409

2 days ago at 11:54am | Dragonblight-EU | Pets: 921 Compare collections | Score: 4948

Back in the swing to get some more new pets!

3 days ago at 3:29pm | Dalaran-US | Pets: 785 Compare collections | Score: 3702

The end of Legion is near and I have 5 pets left on the 'wanted' list. Better than any expansion before!


Accumulating tons of gold allowed me to buy some pesky ones that kept eluding me off the AH (TCG stuff, Son of Animus, 2 of the 3 WC pets) and the rest came through rigorous farming.


Now it's on to BfA with many new, cool looking pets to collect, train and send into battle!

3 days ago at 3:06pm | Argent Dawn-EU | Pets: 908 Compare collections | Score: 4741
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