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The War Within Pre-Patch: Three New Pets

July 23, 2024
The War Within Pre-Patch
The War Within Pre-Patch is live this week, and there will be three new pets to collect from a limited-time event (coming Soon™)! [source]

Memories of the Past
From July 30, 2024 to August 26, 2024 players can take part in a new event, Radiant Echoes, and buy unique collectibles with the event currency. [source]

Remembered Construct, Remembered Riverpaw, Remembered Spawn

Players will be prompted to head to Dalaran (Northrend) and then directed to one of three possible active zones. Initially, events will be spaced out every 90 minutes, but will occur more frequently as weeks go by.

Defeating familiar creatures and bosses and completing various tasks in an active Radiant Echo zone will help progress the three stages of the event. Doing so will earn players Residual Memories, which can be used to buy three new pets (pictured above).

These pets are Bind On Pickup and cannot be caged, so be sure to take part in this limited time pre-patch event if you'd like to collect these pets! Check out Blizzard's Radiant Echoes Overview for additional information.

Epic Edition Bonus Pets
Everyone will need to wait one week after Patch 11.0 goes live for the Radiant Echoes event, but owners of Squally won't need to wait for a few new feathery-friends. [source]

Flash, Gale, and Thundo

Players that have Squally (reward for purchasing the Epic Edition of The War Within) can summon this pet and pick up a new quest.

Complete 'Gryphons of a Feather' to receive the following pets (pictured above):

It's unknown if players can pick up the quest from someone else's Squally, but it's likely only players that have the Epic Edition of the upcoming expansion will be able to obtain the quest.
Posted by Quintessence

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