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Pilgrim's Bounty Event & Blizzard Anniversary Pack Sale

November 22, 2022
Pilgrim's Bounty
The Pilgrim's Bounty event is live in-game this week. Don't miss out on two battle pets, Bush Chicken and Plump Turkey.

Bush Chicken
Players have a chance to find the Bush Chicken (pictured right) hidden in their Pilgrim's Bounty daily reward bags.

Plump Turkey
The Plump Turkey (pictured left) is the reward for completing the Pilgrim meta-achievement.

Some would say chicken is a great alternative to turkey, but why not both!

Blizzard Anniversary Pack
Blizzard is having a special sale, going on until November 28, 2022. [source]

Blizzard Anniversary Pack
If you're missing out on previous expansion CE mounts and pets (from Mists of Pandaria and on), this bundle might be for you.

Discounts are added if you already own any of the mounts or pets part of the pack. Check out the article linked above for more information on what's included.
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Pet Battle Improvements: More Frequent Bonus Days

November 20, 2022
Wowhead recently participated in an interview with Associate Game Director Jeremy Feasel and Lead Software Engineer May Flores Garcia. [source]

Among the various topics covered, there was a brief discussion on Pet Battle improvements.

Squirt battle In response to a question about updates or rework for Pet Battles, Feasel had the following to say:

Pet battles is one of those awesome evergreen systems that we would like to, definitely make it easier for players to onboard into. I think we have some plans for looking into that and I'd like to announce today, but we would definitely like to make pet battles continue to be an ongoing evergreen system, that is easy for players to get into and play with. One of the advancements that we did make to the pet battle I know for hardcore pet battlers, in Dragonflight is that the pet battle bonus event is no longer exactly tied with the week that it was. It's now a bonus to other bonus events so that you can have a Super Squirt Day more often. It will no longer be a Super Squirt Day in like two and a half years. It'll come up more frequently.

We'll have to wait and see what exactly "a bonus to other bonus events" means. The good news is that collectors and battlers won't have to wait for the Pet Battle Bonus Event and the Squirt encounter to align (resulting in "Super Squirt Day") in order to efficiently and quickly level battle pets. Hopefully we'll see these bonus days more often in the near future.
Posted by Quintessence

Tempest Unleashed Pre-Dragonflight Event: New Pet

November 15, 2022
The Tempest Unleashed Event is live starting this week, and there's a new pet to collect! [source]

Primal Stormling
Players can pick up a quest offered in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, "A Primal Threat". Completing this quest will reward the Primal Stormling (pictured right).

This Stormling will only be available during the event, which will end on November 28, 2022 when the expansion goes live. However, the pet is cageable, so players can check the Auction House after the event has ended.

Don't miss out on this new, neat looking battle pet. Make sure to log in and take part in the Primal Invasions!

Also This Week: Twitch Drops
Dragon Kite
Blizzard's Twitch Drops promotion begins this week, with the Dragon Kite (pictured right) as the first reward. [source]

Connect your Bnet account to your Twitch account and watching Dragonflight WoW streams on Twitch to earn this pet. More information on how, plus information on Ichabod (new pet, coming soon), can be found here.
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Dragonflight Twitch Drops: Two Pet Rewards

October 31, 2022
UPDATE #2: The list of eligible Twitch Streamers for Ichabod can be found here.

UPDATE #1: Blizzard has extended the duration of the Dragon Kite Twitch Drop by one day. New end date is November 18.

Blizzard has announced upcoming Twitch Drop rewards. Tune into your favorite WoW streamer to earn two battle pets, a mount, and a toy (each earned separately). [source]

Make sure to connect your Twitch account with your Bnet account to ensure eligibility. See Blizzard's official post linked above to learn how.

Dragon Kite
Twitch Drop Pet Rewards
Dragon Kite
Starting November 15, 10am PST until November 17 18, watching Dragonflight content on Twitch (eligible channels TBA) for at least 4 hours will reward the Dragon Kite pet (pictured right). Originally, this pet was from the March of the Legion TCG pack.

Players that already own a Dragon Kite pet will be able to earn another from the Twitch Drop.

The second pet from Twitch Drops is new, Ichabod (pictured below) the harvest golem. Players can collect this pet starting November 28, 10am PST until December 12.

Ichabod To earn this pet, you'll need to gift a WoW creator's Twitch channel (eligible channels TBA) 2 Twitch subscriptions. A Tier 1 subscription costs $4.99 USD (not including taxes where applicable).

After reaching out to Blizzard, it's been noted that Ichabod will not be a cageable. Be sure to support WoW content creators and participate in the Twitch Drops event if you'd like to collect this pet!
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Dragonflight Pre-Patch: New Achievements & Battlestone Changes

October 25, 2022
The Dragonflight Pre-Patch is live this week, and with it comes 4 new collecting achievements and a battlestone change. [source]

New Achievements & Rewards
There are four new pet collecting achievements.

2 Dragonflight pre-patch achievement pets

Avid collectors will be able to earn Crystalline Mini-Monster and Secretive Frogduck pets (pictured above) starting this week.

Although there are 4 new achievements, only 2 will be attainable in the pre-patch. The current total number of unique pets is 1522 (this includes no longer available and region/event-exclusive pets). A sizeable number will come with Dragonflight's launch, 100 pets, but we will still have a ways to go before reaching 1750 or even 2000.

We're working on adding all of the new critters to WarcraftPets, so stay tuned. Dragonflight is almost here!

Battlestone Change
The Dragonflight pre-patch is also bringing a quality of life upgrade: battlestones can be used on pets without having to summon them. [source]

Upgrade stones can now be applied to pets directly through the Pet Journal (was use upgrade stone on a summoned pet).

A very welcome change, especially with pet collection numbers that will eventually reach 2k.
Posted by Quintessence
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