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Blighthawk — Pet of the Month: August 2017

August 21, 2017
Blighthawk - Pet of the Month August 2017

We're celebrating the Pet Battle Bonus Event this week by sharing a pet that's part of a Squirt leveling team. Squirt just made her appearance for NA/Oceanic realms, and she will not be back during this month's Bonus Event. However, EU players rejoice! A "Super Squirt" day is coming up on August 26.

That being said, this month we're covering the Blighthawk! Be sure to check out the forum post linked at the end of this article for the Squirt leveling team that incorporates the Blighthawk.

Collecting the Blighthawk
The Blighthawk is an Undead wild pet that can be found as level 10 - 11 in Western Plaguelands and as level 25 in Val'sharah. It has 4 different breeds.

Western Plaguelands can be somewhat of a headache if you haven't made any quest/story progress in that zone. Phasing can cause problems for pet collectors looking for a wild Blighthawk.

If you have the time and desire, simply progress the storyline for Andorhal to achieve proper phasing with the Blighthawks.

If you'd prefer to skip the quests, one trick is to keybind the 'Interact with target' function. Use a '/target Blighthawk' command/macro to target one of the phased Blighthawks, and then use your interact keybind to engage it in battle.

Another way to collect this pet from Western Plaguelands is to battle other wild pets in the zone. The Blighthawk can spawn as a secondary pet, making it possible to find and capture one even if their main spawn location is phased for you.

Of course, skipping Western Plaguelands and opting for a higher level Blighthawk is another option. This pet also spawns around Bradensbrook in Val'sharah, although not nearly as often as it can appear in Western Plaguelands. The upside to collecting the Blighthawk from a Broken Isles zone is its level; you won't have to put as much time or energy into leveling it to max.

The Blighthawk is definitely a unique looking Undead flyer, and is a must have for any collection!

Battling with the Blighthawk
The Blighthawk is an abomination, stitching together two families into one damage dealing powerhouse with a few tricks to spare.

Blighthawk using Infected Claw
Its two first slot abilities are a great example of this. You could go with big Undead damage in Infected Claw, or switch things up with the multi-hitting Flying move Slicing Wind.

The Blighthawk retains many abilities common with other owl-type pets. Cyclone, a team-wide pseudo damage over time ability subject to RNG, is a very common Flying move, though it does prove a unique asset among Undead pets. The Blighthawk also uses Lift-Off, providing this pet with a useful dodge move with decent damage to boot. Those two abilities share the third slot, leaving the second slot open for two Undead moves.

Those two Undead moves are really where your choices for the Blighthawk get interesting. You could choose Ghostly Bite, a move which deals huge damage, but at the cost of stunning your Blighthawk for the next turn. The other option is Consume Corpse, which heals the Blighthawk by ‘consuming’ a pet which is currently pushing up daisies on your team. Ghostly Bite is a great move on a res turn as an early pet, since you don’t need to worry about being stunned if you’re about to die. Meanwhile, the choice of Consume Corpse means your Blighthawk needs to be the last on your team alive. Both moves can be decent, so it’s up to you to decide based on your needs.

The Blighthawk is an excellent pet for hard-hitting dps in most situations, as long as you stand downwind from its little undead self.

Check out the Squirt leveling team that uses Blighthawk in the forum discussion on this pet!

Battling Discussion on the Blighthawk

Pet of the Month is co-written by Liopleurodon, an experienced pet battler and long-time WoW player. She maintains her own Pet Battle blog and is a Pet Battle columnist on the fansite Blizzard Watch.
Posted by Quintessence
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Patch 7.3 PTR: New Pets, New Achievements, & Twilight Pet

August 03, 2017
UPDATE: Thanks to a heads up from developer Jeremy Feasel, it's been revealed that Blizzard is trying some new tech for Pet Battles in 7.3.

Currently on the PTR the Crysa and Environeer Bert encounters will scale down in level to the highest level pet on your team.

Using a full team of level 1 pets will result in the enemy team scaling down to all level 1 pets. A team of two level 1 pets plus one level 25 pet results in an all level 25 enemy team.

Available abilities depend on the level the team scales to (for example, level 1 scaling only unlocks the first ability). The quality (rare, epic, etc.) of the trainer team does not change.

A new 7.3 PTR build was released this week and it included a lot of Pet Battle content! Many new pets to collect, plus new Family Familiar-styled Argus achievements. [source]

New 7.3 pet models from Argus

New Pets
In the recent PTR build 23 new pets were added, many of which use new pet models found on Argus (examples pictured above).

  • 12 new wild pets from Argus
  • 5 new pets from drops
  • 1 new quest reward
  • 1 pet from a new achievement (more information below)
  • 1 new Winter Veil pet
  • 1 pet from a new reputation vendor
  • 2 currently from unknown sources

All 7.3 datamined pets

With these additions, the current total number of new pets coming in Patch 7.3 is now 42. That's a lot of pets!

New Achievements: Family Fighter
As mentioned above, a pet will be the reward from a new set of achievements.

Family Fighter achievement
Family Fighter is similar to Family Familiar — Pet Battlers will need to defeat Argus pet NPCs with teams comprised of one pet family. The achievement rewards the new pet, Felclaw Marsuul.

Players will have to use each pet type to defeat a total of 18 new pet NPCs. These encounters are located across Argus.

According to developer Jeremy Feasel on Twitter, unlike the trainers from Family Familiar, the Family Fighter NPCs will be spawned indefinitely and can be battled even if their World Quest isn't active.

Are you ready to take on this new challenge? We can't wait!

New Blizzard Store Pet
A new battle pet is now available from the Blizzard Store. [source]

Discovered during PTR datamining just a day prior to her release, Twilight (pictured right) came as a complete surprise to many collectors. But what an absolutely lovely surprise!

Twilight can be adopted for $10 from the Blizzard Store (US / EU), or as part of a bundle with her larger mount counterpart, Luminous Starseeker (US / EU).

This adorable little kitten is unique, as she will periodically change colors (blue, purple, and yellow).

She behaves similarly to other cats and will respond to player emotes (/sit and /dance) directed at her.

We're very eager to add Twilight to WarcraftPets; her pet profile is currently a work in progress. Thank you for your support and patience.

UPDATE: Twilight has been added to WarcraftPets! Her profile image is still a work in progress. Users that have adopted Twilight may not see her appear as collected even after re-importing their collections. We're looking into this, however it could be an issue with this pet in the Blizzard Armory.

We're ecstatic to welcome Twilight into our battle pet families and our hearts!
Posted by Quintessence

K'ute — Pet of the Month: July 2017

July 29, 2017
K'ute - Pet of the Month July 2017

Summer time means a summer holiday, and even battle pets need some much-deserved down time. With that in mind, this month we're featuring a special pet. It may not be able to battle, but we're on break, right? It's K'ute!

Collecting K'ute
It's been a beautiful summer so far. Most of our pets are enjoying their summer vacation off from battling, and we don't want to wreck their good time by forcing them into the spotlight. However, there's one pet who just made a long journey over thousands of light years to deliver a message.

K'ute closeup
K'ute is the reward from Raiding With Leashes III: Drinkin' from the Sunwell edition. K'ute doesn't have any moves and can't battle. Even though all our battling buddies are taking a deserved break, it can pick up the slack for this Pet of the Month.

The 12 pets you have to collect to complete the achievement to get K'ute include the sites for some of the biggest showdowns we've seen with the Burning Legion so far.

The Black Temple contains the most pets, including three from a single encounter — plan on repeat trips, either to the raid or the auction house. The Sunwell and Mount Hyjal raids also have a few pets. We hope you really like killing demons, champion.

All these raids can be easily soloed by max level characters, though Mount Hyjal can be a bit time consuming due to its timed wave structure. Luckily all pets involved, except K'ute itself, can be traded to complete the achievement.

A mere companion, K'ute is a perfect friend to bring along as patch 7.3 looms. We're going to Argus, and it seems like we're going to have our biggest face-off against the Burning Legion ever. Having a Naaru by your side, even one which won't be battling itself, may provide the morale boost we need to finish the Legion once and for all.
Posted by Liopleurodon

Patch 7.3 PTR: Raiding With Leashes V

July 26, 2017
UPDATE: It was pointed out on Twitter that there are 18 new pet NPCs, possibly located on Argus.

Developer Jeremy Feasel chimed in and noted these new encounters will be tied to new World Quests.

This week's PTR patch brought us an unexpected treat — the next installment of Raiding With Leashes! [source]

A 'Cuteaclysm'
Raiding With Leashes V: Cuteaclysm
16 new pets have been added to the 7.3 PTR. These latest additions are part of Raiding With Leashes V: Cuteaclysm!

Collectors will find 15 of these pets inside Cataclysm raids, and the final pet, Amalgam of Destruction, is the reward for completing the achievement.

Discarded Experiment
Blackwing Descent (3 pets)

Dragon Soul (3 pets)

Faceless Mindlasher
Firelands (4 pets)

The Bastion of Twilight (3 pets)

Zephyrian Prince
Throne of the Four Winds (2 pets)

Check out all 7.3 datamined pets

With this update, Patch 7.3 will have 19 new pets for collectors to obtain! Are you ready? Which pet are you the most excited about?
Posted by Quintessence
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