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Now Available: Squirky Battle Pet & Plushie

May 23, 2017
Collectors have been patiently waiting for information on where Squirky, a new baby murloc battle pet, would come from. Well, the wait is over!

Squirky Now Collectible
Blizzard revealed this week that Squirky (pictured right) can be found as a level 25 wild pet on Seabreak Isle. This island is off the north-western coast of Azsuna.

"Looking to add to your in-game pet collection? Be prepared to face dangers untold just off the coast of Azsuna on Seabreak Isle. These elite members of the Squigglefin tribe aren’t going to be happy about your visit to their little home, but if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find Squirky among them. Summon your veteran pet battle team into action, and make him a part of your own band of merry battle pets."

Although Squirky is a lovable little murloc, its larger counterparts are not as friendly. Level 110 hostile elites with a very fast respawn time swarm the island. Collectors may want to bring a friend or two to help.

So tell a buddy and head out together to Azsuna. Your very own Squirky awaits!

Hug Squirky In Person
But wait, there's more — not only can players collect this pet in-game, a soft, cuddly version is available too.

Squirky Plushie
A Squirky plushie (pictured above) is now available in the Blizzard Gear Store.

Note: The in-game pet and plushie are separate collectibles, and are not tied together. Collect one or the other, or better yet both!

Adopt Squirky and you can give this adorable baby murloc a big hug in person.
Posted by Quintessence

Petopia: Hunters Match Your Pets With Battle Pets!

May 18, 2017
Petopia matching pets
Our good friends over at Petopia have added a fun feature to their in-depth website on hunter pets — suggested matching battle pets!

Many hunter tames come in smaller, less menacing but still ferocious, counterparts, and now it's easier than ever to find your perfect pet combination.

Matching Companion Pet
Browse through the many hunter pets and their different appearances. A suggested matching pet (and sometimes mount) can be found toward the bottom of the page if applicable (example pictured right).

Each link will take you to a WarcraftPets pet page where you can learn more on how to collect your matching battle pet.

Not all hunter pets have a corresponding battle pet. We can only hope Blizzard will one day add more battle pets to the list that look similar to other hunter favorites.

Head over to Petopia and see if your favorite hunter companion has a a battle pet counterpart!
Posted by Quintessence

Patch 7.2.5 PTR: Mining Monkey and Two More New Pets

May 13, 2017
Bronze Proto-Whelp
UPDATE: A new PTR build (24116) was released yesterday, and with it another new pet.

The Bronze Proto-Whelp (pictured right) is a drop from the Iron Horde in Blasted Lands. This pet will not be replacing the Bronze Whelpling; they will be two separate pets.

The PTR was updated this past week and three new pets were added. [source]

Three New Pets
Mining Monkey
Previously the upcoming Deadmines Pet Battle Challenge Dungeon achievement awarded the Pocket Cannon, but this pet was moved to a vendor leaving the achievement without a reward.

In the latest PTR build the achievement was updated and it once again awards a pet.

The pet might seem a little familiar, as you face the enemy version inside the Deadmines Pet Battle Dungeon — the Mining Monkey (pictured right)!

There were also two additional new pets in the recent PTR patch, Dig Rat and Sneaky Marmot.

Both of these pets are listed as Rogue Pickpocketing drops. Which NPC do you think could be hiding a rat and marmot in their pockets?

Check out all 7.2.5 datamined pets
Posted by Quintessence

WarcraftPets Discord: Sawfty's Pet Giveaway

May 08, 2017
Sawfty's Pet Giveaway in WarcraftPets Discord Channel
Sawfty's Pet Giveaway — Over 350 Pets!
We recently learned that Sawfty, a Site MVPSite MVP, long-time member and pet collector, has retired from World of Warcraft due to ongoing health issues. It is with heavy heart that we bid him farewell and all the best on his future endeavors.

The WarcraftPets Discord channel was founded and maintained by Sawfty, however with his WoW-retirement he has passed the baton to Pommie.

Per instructions from Sawfty, Pommie will be hosting a pet giveaway in the WarcraftPets Discord channel. There are over 350 fully upgraded pets up for adoption, a few of which are harder to come by!

When: May 8th, 2017, continuing until all pets have found new homes.

Where: WarcraftPets Discord channel -

How: Join the WarcraftPets Discord server, click the #contests channel, and "react" to the GiveawayBot's latest message by clicking the party-popper emoji. You'll know you're entered when the number goes up. When the giveaway is over, the bot will randomly pick a winner who reacted.

Note: This giveaway is limited to US, Oceanic, Latin American, and Brazilian servers as Sawfty's hefty pet collection is on a US realm.

For detailed information on how to join the Discord channel, entering each daily raffle, and additional giveaway guidelines, check out Pommie's forum post on the WarcraftPets Discord thread.

How to Enter Sawfty's Pet Giveaway

Good luck to all entering! Everyone is welcome to join the WarcraftPets Discord to hang out and talk about pets.

On behalf of the community, we'd like to thank Sawfty for his generosity and Pommie for hosting this event.

About Sawfty
Portrait of Sawfty, by @RosseTweet
Sawfty (portrayed right, art by @RosseTweet) started World of Warcraft at the end year of the Burning Crusade.

The name "Sawfty" comes from the fact friends could always bum rides or money from him, making him the "old softie".

He went from raiding to playing more of the "periphery" of World of Warcraft, avidly pursuing archaeology, fishing, running old content, collecting mounts, and of course battling pets.

At his retirement he had collected 850 unique pets, all increased to rare quality and trained to level 25.
Posted by Quintessence
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