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Introducing Connected Realms to Realm Leaderboards

November 11, 2017
UPDATE: Based on user feedback, we've made this new feature toggle-able.

Simply head to your Manage Account page, and click on Enabled/Disabled for the Connected Realm option (will take a moment to reload the page to save your preference).

Disabling Connected Realms will mean other users will view your rank based on your specific server on your profile page. Your default view on the Realm Leaderboards will also show rankings based on a single server, however this can be temporarily changed by checking Show Connected Realms and selecting Go to reload the Realm Leaderboards page.

Thank you to all of our users for your patience and feedback on the Connected Realms feature!

After much consideration, we're pleased to announce that the WarcraftPets Realm Leaderboards will now show Connected Realms for US and EU regions.

Example of Connected Realms listing
Realms that are grouped on a Connected Realm will be shown on the Leaderboards by default. Users part of the same Connected Realm will be listed with which server they originate from (example pictured right).

Note that the addition of Connected Realms may affect your current realm rank, as it calculates ranks based on all players across all servers in the same group. This shift in ranks will be shown on both the Realm Leaderboards page as well as the Realm & Rank section on profile pages.

Connected Realms will not change the Top 500 Pet Collections or your Site Rank listed on your profile page.

This change is a work in progress, and we're open to making additional adjustments based on community feedback. A discussion thread can be found in our Suggestions Forum.

Thank you to Weena, our Lead Website Developer, for his ongoing work on WarcraftPets. We have a few more website updates planned for the near future, so stay tuned.

And thank you to our members for your continued support!
Posted by Quintessence

Post-BlizzCon 2017 Wrap Up and Community Meet-Up

November 07, 2017
BlizzCon 2017 was an exciting whirlwind of previews and reveals for many Blizzard titles. We hope you enjoyed the celebration of all things Blizzard as much as we did!

Next Expansion & Pet Battles
WoW: Battle For Azeroth
The next expansion was announced during the convention, Battle For Azeroth! We can't wait to see what new battle pets await us in the new zones.

Tortollan NPCs - Tottle?
An interesting creature was shown during one of the panels — could this adolescent turtle (pictured right) be Tottle, a baby Tortollan pet that was datamined in Patch 7.3.2?

Although not much Pet Battle content was revealed during any of the WoW panels, Wowpedia had a chance to interview Developer Jeremy Feasel and touched briefly on the topic of pets.

Pet Battle?
Yes, going to keep expanding dungeons. No ideas yet, but it's definitely coming
Pet battle WQs are cool, that may keep going on too
Plenty of uprez'd pet models, including a new big fat fluffy cat gorging itself on fish

The fluffy cat?
Both big fluffy cat with a big body and big face, and also a big fluffy face with a regular cat body

We're intrigued by this new cat pet, however we'll have to wait to learn more. Once official testing/datamining begins we'll have more information and details on all of the upcoming Pet Battle content, so stay tuned.

What new pets do you think will make an appearance in the new zones?

Shadow Plushie Coming Soon
Shadow plushie coming soon
Coming soon to the Blizzard Gear Store is a plushie version of Shadow. (pictured above, image courtesy of Wowhead) From release through the end of the year, proceeds of this toy will be donated toward disaster relief efforts.

It was also announced that over years, collectors and Blizzard fans have helped generate over $15 million USD for charitable causes. What a heartwarming feat!

WarcraftPets Community Meet-Up
Once again, we'd like to thank Marzena for organizing and hosting this year's WarcraftPets Community Meet-Up. We hope everyone had a great time!

BlizzCon 2017 WarcraftPets Community Meet-Up
If you attended BlizzCon and signed the sign-in sheet at the WarcraftPets Community Meet-Up with your username, you're automatically entered into our Blizzard Store Pets giveaway!

Breanni will be conducting the raffle for 3 Store Pets this Thursday, and will contact the winners shortly after. Keep an eye on your email registered with WarcraftPets.

We look forward to the next BlizzCon and WarcraftPets gathering! And of course, thank you to ALL of our users for your continued support.
Posted by Quintessence

WarcraftPets 2017 Community Meet-Up at BlizzCon!

November 01, 2017
WarcraftPets Meet-Up at BlizzCon 2017!
Community Meet-Up at BlizzCon
Unfortunately, our Admins are unable to attend BlizzCon this year.

However, Marzena, one of our awesome MVPs, has once again kindly taken on the task of organizing and hosting the WarcraftPets Community Meet-Up during the convention.

—  Friday, November 3rd
—  From 2:30 PM - 4 PM (Pacific Time) (tentative)

—  North Hall, near the Darkmoon Faire area (tentative)

Note that the listed day, time and location may be subject to change. Be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates and announcements as the event draws nearer!

—  A WarcraftPets sign

Everyone is welcome to stop by and say hello, chat about pets and battling, and all things WoW.

Blizzard Store Pet Giveaway
There will be a sign-up sheet at the Meet-Up, and we'll be holding a raffle for 3 Blizzard Store Pets.

To be eligible, simply sign the roster with your WarcraftPets username. The prize drawing will be conducted the week following BlizzCon and the winners will be contacted by email. Good luck!
Posted by Quintessence

Antoran Bile Larva — Pet of the Month: October 2017

October 19, 2017
Antoran Bile Larva - Pet of the Month October 2017

It's that spooky time of year again, so what better pet to cover than a creepy crawly of Argus? This month's pet is red and green so it might give the impression of a different holiday, but we can assure you that its teeth, tusks and spikes are anything but jolly — we're covering the Antoran Bile Larva!

Collecting the Antoran Bile Larva
Antoran Bile Larva
The Antoran Bile Larva is from an entirely different planet, which makes it literally an alien insect... that we're bringing back to Azeroth because reasons. Nothing could go wrong there, right?

This pet can be found as a level 25 wild pet all over Antoran Wastes on Argus. It can spawn as either the primary pet or secondary pet.

Because this pet is from Argus, characters looking to collect the Antoran Bile Larva will need to be level 110 and complete the story quests of the first zone. These quests will take you through Krokuun before you're allowed to travel to Antoran Wastes. Once you've reached the quest, The Burning Heart, you'll have access to the Antoran Bile Larva's natural habitat.

The Antoran Wastes is a dangerous zone full of hostile mobs, many elites, and will periodically have deadly environmental hazards such as Fel Tornadoes and the zone-wide Paraxis. Best to stay inside the main quest hubs when The Paraxis comes around to play. Thankfully, the Antoran Bile Larva is a prolific insect and has many spawn points, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find and capture.

The Antoran Bile Larva comes in two color variants, red (pictured above) and green. Additionally, its cousin, the Bile Larva found on Krokuun, uses the same look but includes a third purple color. Both of these Larva share the same moveset, however they have different breeds so take your pick!

Last but not least, honorable mention goes to Fossorial Bile Larva, which also uses the same model with a coloring that's a bit more unique than the previous two. This last Larva is not a wild pet and can be trickier to obtain.

Be sure to collect this spiky, toothy insect. A spooky holiday just isn't the same without one of the creepiest crawlies out there.

Battling with the Antoran Bile Larva
In addition to being the creepiest crawly added to WoW yet, the Antoran Bile Larva has some interesting choices as a battler.

Its model means it uses Spiked Skin as a defensive spell with some bite, excellent against multi-hitting enemies. Burrow lets the Larva evade some attacks and pulls some big DPS.

Plagued Blood also gives the Larva quite a bit of longevity with its on-hit healing debuff, though the Larva doesn’t have the multi-hitting DPS to make the best use of it. Its one DoT, Acidic Goo, helps a bit but you really want several DoTs rolling to make the best use of Plagued Blood. Acidic Goo also adds a small multiplier to damage dealt, making it a good choice based on that alone.

Antoran Bile Larva using Chomp
Its last two abilities are relatively straightforward. Chomp is a Critter move with slightly higher damage than the Undead Diseased Bite, but both can be used well if you need to counter something particularly spooky! Or, uh, vulnerable to Critter damage, same difference.

Altogether, the Antoran Bile Larva makes a good battling addition to any collection. It also makes for a particularly bad one to encounter in the middle of the living room. It's like stepping on a Lego with a jello center. Gross.

Pet of the Month is co-written by Liopleurodon, an experienced pet battler and long-time WoW player. She maintains her own Pet Battle blog and is a Pet Battle columnist on the fansite Blizzard Watch.
Posted by Quintessence
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