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Shadowlands Adds 130+ Pets!

November 23, 2020
Shadowlands is live

Shadowlands is live this week, and there are many new battle pets to discover and collect.

New Pets In Shadowlands
Shadowlands adds 130+ new pets, overtaking Battle For Azeroth as second highest number of battle pets added at the start of expansion. Mists of Pandaria still holds the record for most pets added at the beginning of an expansion, with the addition of 200+ pets.

Highlights for Shadowlands pets include but are not limited to:

Will of Remornia
  • 25 wild pets to capture
  • 7 quest rewards
  • 3 pets rewarded from achievements
  • 3 crafted pets
  • 4 Covenant Renown pets
  • 28 pets from vendors (includes reputation pets)
  • 1 raid drop (pictured right)
  • ...and more!

Check out all Shadowlands pets!

No New Charm Currency
Good news! Polished Pet Charms will continue to be the currency used to purchase the majority of new Shadowlands vendor pets.

"...we have no plans to make a new pet charm currency this expansion. Polished Pet Charms will remain the standard currency to buy new pets, toys, consumables, and all of the other normally-available vendor purchases." [source]

Other than Polished Pet Charms, Renown pets will require new currency that can be obtained as you earn reputation and renown, Reservoir Anima and Grateful Offering.

New Achievements
Ready for some challenges? Shadowlands has a Family Familiar-style achievement plus a similar achievement to Tiny Terrors in Tanaan.

Spriggan Trickster Winterleaf Spriggan

The battles required for Family Exorcist are unlocked at max level (World Quests). Each day there will be one active Pet Battle encounter in each of the Shadowlands zones (4), excluding The Maw and Oribos. The WQ must be active in order to battle these NPCs.

There are other pet and Pet Battle related achievements to work on as well:

Changed Pet Abilities
As previously mentioned, many abilities received tuning in the Shadowlands pre-patch. Check out a cursory list of which abilities were changed. Additional updates may not be listed on this page, however our database should be up-to-date.

These changes may impact certain strategies, thankfully Xu-Fu's Pet Guides has indicated which of their listed strats have been tested and are Shadowlands-ready, check out this wonderful resource.

Whether you're a pet collector or a battler, Shadowlands has you covered. So summon your favorite companion and head into the realm of death — onward to adventure (and pets)!
Posted by Quintessence
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New Pet Now Available: Glimr

November 02, 2020
The Secret Finding community has discovered and solved (in record time!) another battle pet: Glimr! [source]

Glimr (pictured right) is the newest addition to WoW's murloc family. And an adorably colorful one, at that!

Players can collect this pet by completing a quest chain that starts on an iceberg in Grizzly Hills (coordinates: 18.4 88.2).

A Glimmerfin Scout NPC will spawn, and drop a quest item on the ground. Note that sometimes the NPC doesn't leave behind a quest, however the respawn time is fairly short (around 5 minutes). Wait for another spawn and the quest should appear eventually.

A flying mount and a water mount (water-breathing is provided from one of the quests) are invaluable for collecting items and defeating monsters during this short adventure. There's even a Pet Battle encounter! (Battle scales with the highest level pet on your active team.)

Do all of this, aid the Glimmerfin, and Glimr will be rewarded for completing the final task of this quest chain.

Check out Wowhead's full Glimr walk-through for more details.

This little murloc is a wonderful and unexpected surprise. We're ecstatic to welcome Glimr to the battle pet family!
Posted by Quintessence

Patch 9.0 Live This Week: New Pets and Ability Tuning

October 13, 2020
UPDATE: There's a possible bug that can lock players out of Pet Battle progress/content when server transferring or faction swapping. Use character services with caution until Blizzard resolves this issue. [source]

Patch 9.0!
The Shadowlands Pre-Patch is live this week! There's a new pet available from the Death's Rising Event, and the Pet Journal has been updated with all upcoming expansion pets. Additionally, some existing pet abilities received updates. [source]

Scourge Event Pet
Putrid Geist
A new pet will be available from the Death's Rising Event, the Putrid Geist (pictured right).

This pet is sold by event vendors for 20 Argent Commendation (not to be confused with the older, similarly named version of this currency). Players can complete the Death's Rising Event campaign and new dailies to earn Commendations.

Check out Wowhead's guide to the Shadowlands' Death's Rising to learn more!

Upcoming Shadowlands Pets
Players can now preview over 100 new pets in the Pet Journal. We've also updated our database to include these pets for your viewing pleasure.

Get ready to pledge yourself to a Covenant in Shadowlands, and earn one of the Renown pets (pictured below) plus much more.

Shadowlands Renown battle pets

Check out all upcoming Shadowlands battle pets

These battle pets will be available once the expansion officially launches. Which battle pet are you looking forward to the most?

Pet Ability Changes
Some pet abilities have been re-balanced. Changes include:

  • Flock-like abilities
  • Aquatic pet family passive
  • Decreased or increased damage for select abilities
  • Cooldown and other changes

Check out the full list of updated abilities

Shadowlands is nearly upon us. There will be many new pets to collect, challenges to overcome, and achievements to earn — we can't wait!
Posted by Quintessence

Shadowlands Beta: New Achievements

October 08, 2020
Shadowlands Beta
This week's Beta build added many new Pet Battle achievements, ranging from collecting to battling. [source]

New Achievements and Rewards
Many new achievements were added to Shadowlands Beta. Here are the most notable ones.

Shadowlands Safari
This is a straightforward collecting achievement where players must capture at least one of each Shadowlands wild pet.

There are 21 new wild pets in Shadowlands.

  • Ardenweald - 3
  • Bastion - 8
  • Maldraxxus - 5
  • Revendreth - 5

Family Exorcist
Ready for a challenge? The first is probably a familiar one!

Following in Family Familiar's footsteps, we now have a Shadowlands version.

There are 10 achievements that must be completed to earn the meta-achievement, Family Exorcist. Each achievement requires battlers defeat 9 out of 11 possible NPC trainers with a team of level 25 pets from one pet family.

Spriggan Trickster

Currently, trainers cannot be battled on Beta if their World Quest isn't active. It's unclear if this is intended, or if there are any plans to make the trainers always available in the future.

Completing all 10 achievements will earn Family Exorcist and a new pet, Spriggan Trickster (pictured above, right)!

Abhorrent Adversaries of the Afterlife
The Family-achievement isn't the only challenge coming in Shadowlands. In the same vein as Tiny Terrors of Tanaan, players will need to defeat 10 different Shadowlands Boss pets.

Winterleaf Spriggan

These pets are all level 25 legendary pets (level does not scale), and each is a repeatable, single-pet encounter.

Defeating all 10 pets will earn players the Abhorrent Adversaries of the Afterlife achievement and Winterleaf Spriggan pet (pictured above, right)!

With the changes to certain pet abilities coming in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch (9.0), some fan-favorite strategies might need to be adjusted to overcome these tougher encounters. We look forward to all of the teams and tactics the Pet Battling community comes up with!
Posted by Quintessence
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