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Username: Breanni Site Admin  
Character: Breanni (A)
Realm & Rank: Scarlet Crusade-us (#12)
Connected Rank: Scarlet Crusade-us (#27)
Pets Collected: 311/1768
Pets Rated: 9/1768 — Appearance
4/1737 — Battle
Joined: December 01, 2007
Last Online: 4 days ago
Community: Comments (29)
Forum Posts (474)
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Breanni Says: 

@Contre: That's the spirit we're looking for! Healthy and amicable competion. :-)


To everyone else: Enjoy all the new pets in WoD! With more than 80 new pets to collect, there's TONS to do!

Posted Nov 13, 2014 at 8:05am

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About Breanni:

As the founder of and a Site Admin, I already have a separate bio page and a little bit more on the About Us page, so I'll spare the repetition and share something different here. :-)



I've been a fan of both the Warcraft and Starcraft series ever since the days of Warcraft II. Back in the day, Starcraft was my passion. I even developed a stand-alone campaign with very advanced triggers and voice acting. Sadly, it no longer works with most current Windows systems, but I still play multi-player SC with some friends on from time to time.


I also loved Warcraft III. I did fairly well in the ladder with all four races when I used to play on a regular basis. Of course, now I'm pretty rusty (damn you, WoW!)


As far as WoW goes, you can find my many alts on both the horde and alliance sides of the Scarlet Crusadeserver. I play 12 characters total--6 alliance, 6 horde. So which faction do I think is better? That's my little secret. ;-)



I love to listen to music from my own library while playing Warcraft and my tastes are VERY eclectic. For example, two of my favorites are Iron Maiden and Shania Twain. Lately I've been on a major Ayreon kick (and if you don't know the works of Arjen Lucassen, you're really missing out!)


Other Hobbies:

In addition to playing Warcraft and developing this site, I enjoy working out, watching DVDs of my favorite TV shows with my wife, and playing poker, Magic: The Gathering, and other table games with my friends.

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