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Index of All Pets: A-Z

Includes all 1142 battle pets (also known as companions, vanity pets, noncombat pets, and minipets). Also browse pets by category or zone.

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Oasis Moth

Pet Battle: [23-24] Uldum

Obsidian Hatchling [Obsidian Hatchling]

Vendor: Breanni

Zone: Dalaran (Northrend)

Cost: 50gold (unlimited supply)

Octopode Fry [Octopode Fry]

Scenario: Island Expeditions

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Oily Slimeling

Pet Battle: [20-22] Borean Tundra

Olivetail Hare

Pet Battle: [25] Eye of Azshara; [25] Azsuna

Ominous Flame [Ominous Flame]

Drop: Foreboding Flame [90]

Zone: Timeless Isle

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 200

Onyx Panther [Enchanted Onyx]

Promotion: Korea World Event

Onyxian Whelpling [Onyxian Whelpling]

Achievement: WoW's 5th Anniversary

Category: Feats of Strength

Orphaned Felbat [Orphaned Felbat]

Drop: Legionfall Chest

Zone: Broken Shore

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Orphaned Marsuul [Orphaned Marsuul]

Vendor: Toraan the Revered

Zone: Argus

Faction: Argussian Reach - Honored

Cost: 500gold (unlimited supply)

1-12 of 12
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