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4 Round Cooldown

100% Hit Chance 


Wrap around the enemy pet, dealing 591 Aquatic damage.


Slows the enemy's active pet by 50% for 2 rounds.

Vs. Elemental

Vs. Magic

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Used By:
Abyssal Eel [Abyssal Eel]

Vendor: Madeline Netley

Zone: Stormsong Valley

Cost: 75Polished Pet Charm (unlimited supply)

Abyssal Slitherling

Pet Battle: [25] Nazjatar

Crimson Octopode [Crimson Octopode]

Vendor: Captain Klarisa

Zone: Tiragarde Sound

Cost: 100Seafarer's Dubloon (unlimited supply)


Vendor: Captain Zen'taga

Zone: Zuldazar

Cost: 100Seafarer's Dubloon (unlimited supply)

Octopode Fry [Octopode Fry]

Scenario: Island Expeditions

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Plump Jelly [Plump Jelly]

Vendor: Draemus

Zone: Dalaran (Broken Isles)

Cost: 50Pet Charms (unlimited supply)

1-8 of 8
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