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Voting Results: Next Project

August 09, 2008
Last night, I closed the voting regarding my next big project for the site: Pet Comments or Member Search. It was exciting to watch as the results poured in throughout the week. For a while, either one could have come out on top. But as the week neared its end, a clear winner emerged...

  • 57% — Member Search
  • 43% — Pet Comments

It's pretty clear that the majority of you would like me to implement the 'Member Search' feature. This feature will be able to help you find other members on your realm with a similar passion for pet collecting, allowing you to team up for trades, rep grinds, and pet hunts. So my goal will be to put this in place before the end of 2008. But remember, my schedule is extremely tight, so it could take longer.

If you fall within the other 43%, don't worry. While I won't be adding 'Pet Comments' this year, I will make it my top priority in 2009. So it won't be too long before you're able to share the amazing tale of you how you got that oh-so special critter.wink
Posted by Breanni
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