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T-shirts Coming Soon

September 10, 2008
T-shirts are coming!
In about a month, I hope to have the WarcraftPets store online, giving fans a fun new way to support the site. But before you guys can "gear up" WarcraftPets-style, I need your help! I'm planning to open the store with a few different T-shirt designs. The logo alone (pictured at right) will be available, but I'm hoping to dress it up a bit with some additional flavor text. That's where you come in...

Wow! I received a ton of ideas—too many to count! In fact, I've got all the suggestions I can handle for now. I've got enough to make over a hundred different shirts, and I only intend to make a few to start, then maybe a dozen more over time. My sincere thanks to each of you who took the time to submit your ideas.

Free T-shirts Clarified
I received so many suggestions that I even got some duplicates. I did promise a free shirt to anyone whose idea I incorporated into one of my designs. However, I must clarify that the free shirt will go to the FIRST person who sent the idea. For example, a handful of visitors suggested "Got Whelp?" with silhouettes of the whelplings. I intend to develop that idea, but I can really only afford to give away one shirt per suggestion. Sorry.

Anyhow, check back for news of the store's grand opening. Hopefully it will be up and running in early October.
Posted by Breanni
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