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Pet Penguin Confirmed

September 18, 2008
Chilly the Penguin
REPOST: NEW WotLK PET! A new pet has turned up on the Beta and it's one we collectors have really been clamoring for—it's an adorable pet penguin! He goes by the name "Chilly" and he has a nifty swimming animation too!

UPDATE: Originally, this pet was available to beta testers on US realms. According to the in-game mail message, Chilly was a thank-you gift for players who linked their WoW account to their Blizzard account. However, Bornakk, an official Blizzard moderator, recently stated:

As of right now, there are no details on how this little guy will be available on the live realms.

So perhaps we jumped the gun on posting about how this pet will be obtained. It may still have something to do with linking WoW accounts to Blizzard accounts, or it may be obtained through completely different means. One thing is certain: as soon as we know for sure, we'll post the details here.
Posted by Breanni
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