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Blood Parrot and Coyote Removed

March 29, 2009
Blood Parrot and Coyote Removed
It's been five months since build 3.0 went live and vanity pets became spells. The Blood Parrot and Coyote Spirit were the only two pets on our site that were excluded by the developers from the pets tab. We'd been hoping that Blizzard would somehow find a way to add these "hat pets" to the pets tab and make them count toward pet-related achievements. But it's becoming clear that this isn't going to happen, at least not anytime soon. So we've finally decided to follow suit and remove these two pets from our database. As a result, members will notice these pets missing from their collections.

The choice to do this wasn't easy. Many of us have worked very hard to collect these pets. But it isn't all bad. Now the collections of members will perfectly mirror their in-game collections, making it easier to track achievement-based goals. Additionally, removing these pets from our database allows us to present a much clearer definition of what constitutes a true vanity pet.

For posterity, we've added the profiles of these two pets to a Vanity Pet Archival with the hopes that none of our other beloved companions will ever be added to this page.
Posted by Breanni
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