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Midsummer Fire Festival 2009

June 21, 2009
Happy Midsummer Fire Festival 2009!
Midsummer Fire Festival 2009 has begun and there are many a pet collector eager to pick up both the Spirit of Summer and the Scorchling pets. Here are a few tips that may help.

For the Spirit of Summer, note that there is a bug whereby those fires honored and desecrated last year are not giving Burning Blossoms this year. Thus, it's much harder to obtain the 350 required to purchase the spirit. Additionally, the quest to summon Ahune (see below) was not reset for some players. Blizzard is aware of these problems and will hopefully resolve them soon.

For the Scorchling, unless you can solo Ahune (who may still be too tough for many 80s), you'll need a little help. We encourage you to find and contact other collectors on your realm to organize daily groups. Remember, it's beneficial to have 5 players per group because, assuming each group member has the quest, Ahune can be summoned 5 times (plus a 6th time in heroic mode), increasing the chances for a Scorchling to drop.

Best of luck to all you Midsummer companion collectors!
Posted by Breanni
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