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Love (and Pets) are in the Air

February 07, 2010
NEW Pet! Blizzard surprised us all this morning with a completely new pet, the Toxic Wasteling, only available during Love is in the Air, which began today. This glistening globule drops from Apothecary Hummel, a new 82 elite boss toiling about deep in Shadowfang Keep. In addition to the pet, Hummel drops a variety of other cool items including the new Big Love Rocket (no innuendos, please).

Purchasable Peddlefeet
Love is in the Air also received its long-awaited overhaul. Much like the Midsummer Fire Festival and Noblegarden, this event was reworked to provide much more fun! Gone are the Pledges and Gifts of Adoration that used to be such a burden to obtain. Now that ever-elusive Peddlefeet can be purchased for 40 Love Tokens, a new currency earned during the event.

We wish everyone loads of luck obtaining these love-inducing pets.
Posted by Breanni
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