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Lil' KT and Pandaren Monk Debut Today!

November 04, 2009
Lil' KT and Pandaren Monk
NEW Pets! Today Blizzard introduced the Pet Store for World of Warcraft, an entirely new way for players to obtain in-game pets! Two companions that you may recall from previous news postings are now available for digital download exclusively at the Blizzard Store:

  • Lil' KT - What Lil' K.T. lacks in size, he more than makes up for in sheer malicious intensity. Watch with misplaced pride as he freezes critters and laughs maniacally at your vanquished PvP foes.
  • Pandaren Monk - Possessing the diplomatic humbleness common to his reclusive race, the Pandaren Monk accompanies you on your journeys throughout Azeroth, returning any /bows he receives from other players.

Purchasing details
Both of these deluxe pets are currently available for $10.00 (£9.00) each, purchasable with any major credit card. In order to receive a store-bought pet, you’ll need to merge your World of Warcraft account with a account. Also note the following:

  • You will receive a code upon purchasing your pet—you may use this yourself, or gift it to a friend.
  • If your account is linked to multiple accounts, you can only use these codes with ONE account.
  • These pets are bind-on-account (BoA) and are therefore available to all of current and future characters on the account.

For a good cause
We know that some of you don't like the idea of spending real-world cash for a virtual pet... even pets as cool as these. But it may help to know that half of the proceeds of every Pandaren Monk purchased through December 31, 2009 will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Bravo, Blizz!
Posted by Breanni
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