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Landro's Lichling XT Pre-Sale!

April 21, 2011
Landro's Lichling XT Pre-Sale
We've partnered with WoWTCGLoot to bring you another great vanity pet pre-sale! Landro's Lichling (same skin as Lil' K.T.) is the new War of the Elements common loot that will be in stores beginning on Tuesday, April 26th. But why wait?

3 Reasons to Pre-Order Landro's Lichling
Pre-order now through Tuesday using the button at left (or this link), and not only will you receive Landro's Lichling, but here are three more excellent reasons to order today:

  1. Amazing Loot Giveaway - Everyone who pre-orders will be eligible for a special loot giveaway. Prizes include:

    How it works: After the 26th of April, WoWTCGLoot will randomly contact one purchaser who will have first pick of one of the above prizes. They'll continue to randomly select pre-order purchasers who will continue to choose one of the remaining loots. This will continue until all loots are claimed.
  2. Orders Support WarcraftPets - What can be better than adding another easy-to-get pet to your collection? Helping your favorite pet collection website! A percentage of every pre-order helps support our site.
  3. Limited Supply - We have less than 400 codes available to collectors on a first-come, first-serve basis. Order today to secure your eligibility for the Loot Giveaway mentioned above. Plus you'll be able to redeem your Lichling the moment it becomes available in-game.

Buy Landro's Lichling Now!

If you have any questions regarding the pre-sale or WoWTCGLoot's special giveaway, please contact WoWTCGLoot directly. Good luck!
Posted by Breanni
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