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Legion Alpha: New Pets, Pocket Pet Portal, and WoW Anniversary Pet

April 30, 2016
The recent Alpha patch added six new pets! There's also more information on how to increase the Pet Journal limit. [source]

New Pets
Autumnal Sproutling and River Calf

Six new pets were added to Legion Alpha in the latest patch.

In addition to new pets, a handful of existing pets received some updates. Check out our list of all datamined pets from Alpha for more!

All Legion Alpha datamined pets

Increased Pet Journal Cap Update
Running out of room in the Pet Journal and looking to expand its capacity? Then Legion's Pet Battle World Quests will be of some interest to you.

The achievement Battle on the Broken Isles now rewards the Pocket Pet Portal, an item that increases the Pet Journal cap to 1500 (up from 1000).

In order to complete this achievement, you'll need to complete 30 different Pet Battle World Quests. There are currently 37 quests in total. Three (up from 2) randomly selected quests from this long list will be available each day.

So ready your pets for Legion — there are battles to be won on the Broken Isles. (Plus plenty of pets to collect!)

WoW Anniversary Pet
Developer Jeremy Feasel (@muffinus) recently dropped a major hint about where the Corgi Pup will come from in Legion.

The Pet Journal currently lists this adorable pup as a pet sold by Historian Ju'pa (H) and Historian Llore (A). However, these NPCs cannot be found within Orgrimmar and Stormwind...yet.

How much this pet will cost is still a mystery. Regardless, we look forward to celebrating WoW's Anniversary with the Corgi Pup!
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Nothing wrong about Amalia, but we've already had an anniversary corgi once! D:


Good that they are looking into unused pets, however. At least the database will be a bit cleaner. :)

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