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Unlisted WoW Companions

This page catalogs the pets that are NOT LISTED on WarcraftPets. Some have not been implemented in-game; others are not true companions.


Datamined companions shown with the ► symbol are very likely to be released in the future. Those without this symbol are unconfirmed and may never make it in-game. Updates to this list are indicated in italics.


Last update: July 16, 2015

Datamined from 6.2.1 PTR

  • Empowered Manafiend - Drop
- Drop: Pugg
- Zone: Nagrand
- Bind on Use
  • Empyreal Manafiend - Drop
- Drop: Guk
- Zone: Nagrand
- Bind on Use
  • Energized Manafiend - Drop
- Drop: Rukdug
- Zone: Nagrand
- Bind on Use

Datamined from Warlords of Draenor Alpha/Beta

- Bind on Use
- "Your Weapon"
- Bind on Use
- "Your Attitude"
- Bind on Use


The following list of companions were datamined and may become available to players in the future.

Unavailable to Players

The following list of companions were datamined and found to be unavailable to players.

Not True Companions

The following list of companion/items includes those which are not true vanity pets. We only list the most commonly mistaken entities — this is not a complete list.

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