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Attention Croc Hunters:

May 22, 2008
Where's my baby croc?
Many of you have indicated that you're currently trying to collect the baby croc pets and you're having little luck. I'm right there with you. But remember, these pets only drop from the bag rewarded from the Crocolisks in the City fishing daily. The other four fishing dailies will, unfortunately, never drop one. So if the crocs are all you're after, be sure you're not doing the wrong quests.

Additionally, remember that the odds of getting one of these crocs is about 1.2%, or 1 in 80. So there are really two factors of luck involved in finding a baby croc: having Crocolisks in the City come up often enough on your server, and being lucky enough to have a croc drop from the bag reward.

I feel your frustration. In the past two weeks, this quest has only come up on my server once. And yet there are other collectors who have already collected all 4 among their alts (with undoctored screenshots to prove it). What can I say? Lady Luck is fickle.indifferent
Posted by Breanni
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