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Incarnations of Competition

August 08, 2008
Spirit of Competition
NEW PETS! To commemorate the 2008 Olympic Games in China, there are two beautiful Asian dragons to collect!

The Spirit of Competition (pictured) is mailed to random players who are victorious in any PvP battleground. There appears to be a 1 in 5 chance it will be mailed to a player for each BG win he/she earns. The only prerequisite is to win the BG.

The Essence of Competition, an azure Chinese Dragon, has not yet been released on EU and US servers (trust me—this info is correct). Members who claim to have are either confusing it with the Spirit of Competition, or are they are on servers in China. In China, the pet has been released. Click the link above for details. If you have CONFIRMED information regarding this pet's item, icon, or how it's obtained, I encourage you to contact me. No rumors, please!

This Olympic event will continue for the duration of the summertime Olympic Games: August 8th through the 25th. Let your competitive spirit soar to redeem these awesome new serpents!smile
Posted by Breanni
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