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Community Spotlight: Caela's Pet Limericks

February 25, 2014
WarcraftPets' Community Spotlight

We're putting on some creative flare.
So read ahead, if you dare!
A fun little limerick
As a riveting gimmick
To herald the post we'd like to share.

Pet Limericks by Caela
Here are some fun and creative limericks about pets, and the first one features none other than our awesome Community Leader, Doobjanka!

We all know Doobjanka has pets.
They come in pairs, groups, and sets.
If they make one that's new,
he wants that one too.
You can be sure its the next one he gets!

More Pet Limericks!

If you're a wizard with words, put on your magic cap and show us your best pet-related limerick.

For an extra challenge, see if you can include Doobjanka (or another Site Admin) in your poem!

Behind the Spotlight
Caela joined WarcraftPets on November 30, 2008 and has amassed an impressive collection of 583 unique pets as of this posting.

Get Featured! Community Spotlight highlights user-created content and guides that provide information and entertainment to the community. Post your own pet-related creation in our Community Spotlight forum and it may be featured here!

Disclaimer: Content presented in Community Spotlight is user-created, and opinions of authors and creators may not necessarily reflect those of WarcraftPets.
Posted by Quintessence
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