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CE Pets Are Back!

December 07, 2007
Panda Cub
Dell has teamed up with Blizzard[source] to offer an exclusive promotion for a new World of Warcraft Edition gaming laptop. Buyers of this system will receive the ability to upgrade their existing account to 'Collector's Edition' status, allowing them access to the CE pets from both the original CE as well as the Burning Crusade CE:

  • Panda Cub - an adorable baby panda (pictured at right).
  • Mini Diablo - a tiny Diablo from Blizzard's Diablo universe.
  • Zergling - a pet zergling from Blizzard's Starcraft universe.
  • Netherwhelp - a precious baby nether dragon.

Finally, pet collectors have another way to collect these ultra-rare pets. So if your in the market for a new computer and you love small pets, put this one on the top of your holiday wish list!
Posted by Breanni
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