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Known Minipet Bug

March 16, 2008
Known Minipet Bug
An interesting bug was discovered by players last summer. This bug has been circulating the Net and now thousands of people are aware of it. The bug allows a character to "desync" with the game world and then to cast an army of minipets (including multiple copies of the same pet). Then when they resync, they're surrounded by a veritable swarm of vanity pets. However, the downside is the additional lag it causes to every player on the server.

People have been requesting that I post how to do this on the site, but I will not do so. The community should understand that this is considered a "known exploit" by Blizzard and as such, if a GM sees a player using this bug, his/her account could be suspended. My advice is to refrain from using this bug. It may look cool, but it's not an intended feature of the game.
Posted by Breanni
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