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July 14, 2008
Where'd my comment go? All comments are still intact. However, they've been moved to the new bio section of each member's profile. Please use your bio to record PERMANENT info (such as character names and realms, personal top 10 lists, etc.) and use your comment ONLY to post news and sentiments you wish to share with the community. Those who are interested in reading more about you can find the additional info within your bio.

Your task: If you saved a comment before this change, review your bio and copy your news and any community-specific sentiments into your comment. Remember, your comment will be shared with the community via the Latest Comments page. Others won't enjoy reading the same things you've already posted, so keep your updates fresh and interesting.

Size restrictions: These new comments are intended to be brief. As such, the character limit has been reduced to 500. However the new bio section may be up to 2,500 characters. So overall you've got 2,000 more characters to play with. Use them
Posted by Breanni
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thanks for the info!!!! contexto

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