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5.2 PTR: 9 New Pets and Elite Pets Achievement

January 09, 2013
UPDATE: Added the sources for each new datamined companion. There are also 4 new wild pets to capture in 5.2!

A new 5.2 PTR build was released. The latest patch includes 9 new datamined companions and a new achievement. [source]

  • Sunfur Panda (BoP) - Quest reward
  • Snowy Panda (BoP) - Quest reward
  • Mountain Panda (BoP) - Quest reward
  • Spectral Porcupette (BoU) - Quest reward (Isle of Giants)
  • Stunted Direhorn (BoU) - Drop: Isle of Giants
  • Sunreaver Micro-Sentry (BoP) - Drops from Sunreaver Construct (The Lighting Isle)
  • Living Sandling (BoP) - Drop: Throne of Thunder
  • Zandalari Hatchling (BoP) - Drop: Isle of Giants
  • Son of Animus (BoP) - Drop: Throne of Thunder

New Wild Pets

  • Elder Python
  • Electrified Razortooth
  • Swap Croaker
  • Thundertail Flapper

All of these new wild battle pets make their home on the Isle of Lightning.

Elite Pets Achievement
Fabled Pandaren Tamer was confirmed by Mumper on Twitter to be the new Elite Battle Pets achievement. [source]

As mentioned in the 5.2 PTR patch notes, players will have a chance to encounter an Elite Pet in the wild. These fearsome wild pets will be standalone "boss" battles.

A quest to help track your progress will be available, and upon completion the reward will be the Red Panda companion!
Posted by Quintessence
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