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Username: Flibbit Site MVP  
Character: Flibbit (A)
Realm & Rank: Scarlet Crusade-US (#1)
Pets Collected: 953/958
Pets Rated: 0/968 — Appearance
0/948 — Battle
Joined: October 04, 2010
Last Online: Yesterday
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Flibbit Says: 

Available pets remaining: 1

And then there was Micronax. I'm not a regular raider, so there's no telling how long this one might take. Glory of the Tomb Raider Progress is at 3/9.


So unbelievably relieved to have Prestige 7 in the rear-view mirror. I may go further (at a substantially reduced level of effort) for the remaining rewards, but don't see myself ever getting past 13 - if that - unless they add a mechanism to earn more than ~3100 honor per day through world quests.



Since pet collecting is drying up for the forseeable future, probably time to get back into the other collectibles =P

Toys: 402 // Mounts: 332 // Lvl 100 Heirlooms: 78

Posted Oct 28, 2017 at 12:14pm

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About Flibbit:

Flibbit was my very first character when WoW released. She had a few pets right from the start, but collecting as such wasn't an organized thing, and when she got to level 60 I took breaks from the game and restarted on different servers and factions.


Xau was my first real pet collector, topping out somewhere in the 180s around the end of WotLK/launch of Cata. Flibbit was revived around that time and also came down with pet fever, so I was managing collections on both Horde and Alliance. Due to a lot of faction grinds and TCG pets that I wasn't realistically going to repeat, she maxxed out somewhere about 160. Then I took an 18 month break and didn't start Mists until 2/23/13. The new battle pet system came as quite a shock. Pooling all pets upon my return came out to about 190 unique and a zoo of extras. I was utterly addicted - it took me 36 days to go from 190 to 500.


It's now June 2014 and I finally have a complete collection for the first time. I know it won't last, and I haven't leveled them all to 25 yet, but it's a great feeling to have caught up for once.


Very much looking forward to what WoD holds in the realm of pets. I love that the devs are diversifying the sources pets come from, I just hope to never, ever, ever *have* to do pet PvP again - EVER. (Secret: I'm not very good at it).

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