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WarcraftPets Turns Two!

April 06, 2009
Happy Birthday to!
It's's second birthday! For two years, the site's been helping vanity pet collectors get the most out of their collections. Additionally, WarcraftPets has influenced the game itself, prompting a steady flow of new pets and pet accessories. Heck, it's possible that this site even inspired some of the recent pet-related improvements, such as making pets into spells.

WarcraftPets has come a long way since its first birthday. Over the past year, we've added:

Blizzard also recognized our contribution to the WoW community by immortalizing my in-game alter ego (and the host of this site), Breanni, as the <Pet Supplies> vendor in Dalaran. In turn, this sparked more publicity through interviews and even a radio spot. Consequently, the number of members has grown tenfold, from roughly 4,000 last April to nearly 40,000 today. This prompted the need for additional site admins and I'm grateful for their help each and every day.

We'd like to thank the fans of the site for our success, especially our MVPs, who've donated their time and money to help support the site. Next year promises to be another exciting one for pet collectors. Patch 3.1 brings us more pet goodies than any other patch or expansion to date. What's more, we now know for certain that Blizzard is watching this site and responding to the pet collecting community. What was once just an in-game passtime has become, for many, the main reason to play.

Three cheers for vanity pets and the joy they bring: WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!
Posted by Breanni
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