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2.4 Treats for Collectors

February 10, 2008
Phoenix Hatchling
NEW PET! Patch 2.4 has hit the test realms and it looks like there will be some new treats for pet collectors! First up, the Phoenix Hatchling, a stunning new pet! This companion drops from Kael'thas Sunstrider in the new 5-man instance Magister's Terrace on Sunwell Isle. The second item of note is a possible Vanity Pet Bag. While there are no specific details on this item yet (size, rarity, source, etc.), I expect that it will be able to hold 24-28 vanity pets, perhaps more. Still, no one has confirmed the existence of such a bag yet, so it may be more rumor than fact.

If you're playing on the test realm and you learn more about a Vanity Pet Bag, please contact us and share all the juicy details!smile
Posted by Breanni
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