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Bloodsail Faction Guide

Ye be lookin' for a Warcraft guide to pilfer yer Bloodsail Admiral's Hat and Blood Parrot, eh ye scallywag? Ye think ye've got what it takes to enlist in the ranks of the Bloodsail Buccaneers? Well, this here's yer ticket to a life of piracy.

But be warned... only those with a pirate's heart will earn their Bloodsail Admiral's Hat, and the ultra-rare pet parrot that it brings. Savy?

March 2009: In build 3.0 the achivement system revealed what Blizzard considered to be true vanity pets. Unfortunately, the Blood Parrot didn't qualify. As such, we're no longer maintaining this guide. We will leave it up for posterity, but know that it's only current to early Wrath of the Lich King content.


Bloodsail Admiral's Hat

Becoming a Pirate

1. The price of piracy

Piracy isn't for the faint of heart. And in World of Warcraft, this is especially true. The Bloodsail boys that offer the quest to earn the admiral's hat (and the Blood Parrot pet) are the sworn enemies of the Steamwheedle Cartel which includes everyone's favorite friendly goblins. So in order to get on good terms with the Bloodsail Buccaneers, you'll have to completely destroy your reputation with every neutral goblin faction in Azeroth. This means that whenever you step foot into Ratchet, Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, and Everlook, you'll be killed on site. However, your reputation can be restored... for a price.

Before you make a snap-decision about earning your Bloodsail hat, carefully consider the downside (even if it is only temporary):

  • You'll be unable to use all three neutral auction houses in Azeroth.
  • You'll be unable to use all three neutral banks in Azeroth.
  • You'll have major difficulty hopping the boat between Booty Bay and Ratchet.
  • You'll be unable to use any goblin-run flight paths (such as those in Ratchet and Un'Goro Crater).
  • You'll have major difficulty speaking to Landro Longshot, the goblin who allows you to redeem TCG loot items (including several other pets).
  • You'll be unable to pickup or complete hundreds of quests that involve members of the Steamwheedle Cartel. Keep in mind, a few of these quests allow you to obtain additional pets, like a Mechanical Chicken, Worg Pup, and Smolderweb Hatchling.
  • You'll be unable to level Cooking beyond 225, as the quest for Artisan Cooking is provided by a Gadgetzan-affiliated goblin.
  • You'll have difficulty advancing or changing your Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, or Engineering profession beyond level 225.
  • You'll find it very difficult (if not impossible) to participate in the weekly fishing contest in Stranglethorn Vale.
  • You'll spend countless hours killing tough Booty Bay Bruisers that drop absolutely nothing. (Note that as a rogue, you can pickpocket bruisers for a bit of loot, giving you at least a little something for your time.)
  • You'll wind up shelling out hundreds of gold to repair your armor and to restore your Steamwheedle reputation.

Yup… piracy definitely has its price.indifferent

FYI: The goblins who run the horde zeppelins and the goblins of Outland are not a part of the Steamwheedle Cartel. Therefore they will not attack you for your Bloodsail affiliation.

So whaddya say? Is it a pirate's life for you, matey? If so, keep readin'. Otherwise, get back tah land where ye belong, ya landlubber!

Blood Parrot Warcraft pet
Blood Parrot

2. But I don't wanna be a pirate!

"But I don't wanna be a pirate!"
— Jerry Seinfeld

Few could forget that high-pitched whine from Jerry when he was guilted into wearing a poofy "pirate" shirt on national television. If you share Jerry's sentiment, then NO HAT FOR YOU!

Unfortunately, there's simply no way to get your Bloodsail hat without scrapping your reputation with those lovable goblins and plunging into a life of piracy. However, you could simply dabble in piracy. Then once you've gotten your prized hat and parrot, you can turn on those Bloodsails faster than you can say, "YAAARRRRRR!"

You're in for a long, tough grind to earn your Bloodsail Admiral's Hat. And you'll be hated by goblins everywhere long before you get your hat. But luckily, patching things up with the Steamwheedle Cartel won't take long at all… if you've got the gold.

The Path to Piracy

3. Pirate prerequisites

Your Bloodsail Admiral's Hat (and the Blood Parrot it summons when worn) are earned through a quest called Avast Ye, Admiral! This quest is offered by Fleet Master Firallon once you are:

  1. Friendly with the Bloodsail Buccaneers;
  2. Hated by Booty Bay.

Without BOTH the friendly and hated standings, this quest will be unavailable to you.

FYI: Originally, being friendly with the Bloodsail Buccaneers was the only prerequisite for this quest. However, due to various exploits you must now also be hated by Booty Bay.

There is only one surefire way get your Bloodsail reputation to friendly—kill the goblins alligned with Booty Bay—namely, level 77 Booty Bay Bruisers. However, there are other mobs to kill if you're leveling up and want to start early.

CAUTION: There are more than fifty quests that will negatively impact your Bloodsail Buccaneer reputation. Try to avoid these quests at all costs.

4. Faldir's Cove: The 35-46 Bloodsail grind

If you're in the process of leveling, you can begin building your Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation as early as level 35. However, this method loses its effectiveness once you reach level 47, when the key mob no longer provides any experience and its rep value is reduced to 1.

Assuming you haven't killed any Bloodsail mobs or completed any of the quests linked in the cautionary note above, you're Bloodsail Buccaneers rep will begin at 35,500/36,000 hated (only 500 away from hostile). If you've already done more than one or two quests, or killed more than a few Bloodsail mobs for sport or loot, you might be better off waiting until you reach 80 to begin grinding rep.

To raise your Bloodsail rep (levels 35-46), open your reputation tab (accessed through your character pane) and check off the "At War" box for Booty Bay. You'll then need to kill [38-39] Blackwater Deckhands along with the named mobs, [39] Captain Steelgut, First Mate Nilzlix, and Deckhand Moishe (all mobs are worth 5 rep a piece, but the deckhands are reduced to 1 a piece beyond level 46). These mobs are located in Faldir's Cove, which is found in the Arathi Highlands along the southwestern coast behind Stromguarde.

If your Bloodsail rep was never damaged, you'd have to kill 1,300 of these mobs to get to friendly. They're easy kills (and they actually drop silk and a bit of silver), but they take about six minutes to respawn. There are 8-9 deckhands along with the three named mobs. Assuming you have no competition for these mobs, each round of killing will earn you a little less reputation than killing three Booty Bay Bruisers. So this may not be the most efficient way to gain Bloodsail rep, but does allow you to begin well before you reach 80.

CAUTION: Once your reputation falls to "unfriendly" with Booty Bay, leveling up to 60 will be much tougher as you'll be barred from most goblin quests and transportation. Should it plummet to "hostile" or worse, you'll have to avoid all four neutral goblin towns altogether.

5. Killing Bruisers: The 80+ Bloodsail grind

Booty Bay Bruiser

Most players will have done several of the quests that compromised their Bloodsail rep while leveling. If you fall into that school, you'll need to kill Booty Bay Bruisers (or their big elite brothers, Booty Bay Elites). Killing goblins other than bruisers is very inefficient. Even the elites are inefficient because they're nearly impossible to solo-grind. And most other Booty Bay NPCs grant only 1 rep a piece and spawn a bruiser when attacked, making them hardly worth the effort. Thus, only the bruisers will net you the kind of rep you'll need to achieve friendly with the pirates.

TIP: Before you go too crazy soloing bruisers, consider finding others who are willing to earn Bloodsail rep at your side. The grind can be accomplished in a fraction of the time with a group of friends.
Preparing for war

To begin your crusade against the bruisers, you'll want to hit the maximum level. The bruisers are always three levels below the max level (currently making them 77). But they're not ordinary level 77s. They'll feel more like elite mobs. They hit with crushing blows that deal 500-900 damage per hit and even more when they crit. Plus they have some other nasty tricks up their sleeves. Provided you've maxed your leveling and you've got some decent gear, open your reputation tab (accessed through your character pane), and check off the "At War" box for Booty Bay. You may also want to check off the box to "Watch" your Bloodsail Buccaneer reputation.

Prior to starting your war on Booty Bay, be sure to stock up on the following supplies:

  • Lots of high-level healing potions
  • High-level mana, rage, or energy potions
  • High-level bandages
  • The most efficient food/water you can get (ask a friendly mage for some stacks to reduce your supply costs)
  • Class-specific combat reagents and/or poisons

You can carry multiple stacks of all of these items since you won't have to worry about your bags filling up with loot as you grind.

TIP: If you don't have obligations to your guild, you might consider respeccing for your bruiser grind. You'll be putting in a lot of hours, so it's well worth the cost. Pick talents that maximize your DPS while also improving your survivability.
Close-range one-on-one combat

When fighting bruisers, you'll ideally want to engage them one-on-one at close-range. Because of their toughness, it's best to take them one at a time. Furthermore, if there are more than 20 or so yards between you and the bruiser, he'll pull out his rifle. This rifle is the bruiser's primary weapon used to neutralize "unauthorized" PvP combat in town. It quickly fires shots with a spell-interrupting knock-back effect. So if you get hit, you can be repeated knocked across Booty Bay in a matter of moments, pulling additional bruisers as you go. Thus, for most classes, when a bruiser starts firing his knock-back rifle, be prepared to meet your maker.

Additionally, bruisers will cast nets on you as they fight, making it difficult to maneuver and nearly impossible to escape. Yup, these guys really are a lot tougher than they look.

The Sweet Spot

Through trial and error, players who have already earned their Bloodsail hat have discovered a "sweet spot" where an infinite number of bruisers can be spawned and killed one at a time, within close-range. This spot is the ideal grinding area for many classes. It's located to the left of the Plate-n-Chain shop, which is along the path between the tunnel into town and the blacksmith. But getting to this spot isn't easy.

Booty Bay Bruiser grinding sweet spot
TIP: It's good to become familiar with the all of the bruisers between the entrance to Booty Bay and the Plate-n-Chain. Specifically, you'll want to study their respawn times and the pathing of all patrolling guards.
Getting to the Sweet Spot

When you approach Booty Bay, you'll likely be coming from the north by mount. Two bruisers are stationed just outside of the cave that leads to town and can usually be pulled one at a time, but sometimes pulling one will trigger the other. While it's possible to take both bruisers at once, most players prefer a one-on-one fight. Thus, crowd control abilities are very helpful here. Try to inch the fighting outside, away from the mouth of the tunnel, so as to not pull any bruiser patrolling within. Two bruisers are a challenge; three are potential suicide, even for those in epic gear.

After dispatching the guards outside of the cave, kill any bruisers patrolling inside the cave. Usually there are two that can be pulled separately if you time it properly. Then you'll need to kill the two bruisers guarding the cave exit into Booty Bay. These goblins cannot be pulled separately, so again, crowd control abilities will be very useful. Take the fight into the tunnel, so any passing patrols hopefully won't notice. Once these bruisers have been eliminated, you'll need to watch for patrols and take them out one at a time. Typically there are two patrollers to kill.

Booty Bay Bruiser safety zone

By this point, you'll have killed 6-7 bruisers for 150-175 Bloodsail rep. (You go, girl!smile) Your primary target awaits—it's the stationary guard next to the Plate-n-Chain (the first shop). Note that his position is also the spawn point for additional bruisers. Make your way toward him, stopping at the bend in the path where the wooden dock turns to a dirt road. This is your safety zone. Patrolling bruisers usually will not pass too closely to one another here. It is also far enough away from stationary guard respawn points so that they won't pull. This makes it the perfect spot to eat, bandage, and administer buffs.

From this spot, take a moment to make sure there are no additional patrols coming from the direction of the inn. If you see any, be sure to take them out. Once you've eliminated all of the incoming patrols, you can begin your usual grind.

Grinding bruisers at the Sweet Spot

Believe it or not, when you're hated by Booty Bay, you'll actually have an easier time grinding. You'll begin your grind by killing the guard next to the Plate-n-Chain. Kite him away from this point as soon as you have the chance (usally the bruiser opens by rooting you in place, so you may have to wait a few seconds). Pull the fight toward the safety zone. If you fight him where he stands, then another bruiser will spawn and charge you immediately after you've killed the first, giving you no time to heal. So it's best to take the fight about 10-15 yards to the left of the Plate-n-Chain. That way, you can control the respawns. When you're ready for another bruiser, simply move toward the doorway of the Plate-n-Chain and one will automatically spawn at the spawning point to protect the nearby civilians. Handle him exactly like you handled the last one. This will give you a steady flow of bruisers to beat on.

CAUTION: Beware of respawns. Roughly every five minutes, the original guard you dispatched at the spawning point will respawn and his timing can be bad. Similarly, patrols can sometimes sneak up on you. So be sure to fully med up between bruiser fights so you can handle the adds when they come.

If you're not yet hated with Booty Bay, don't worry—you will be soon enough. But until you are, bruisers will only spawn when you attack a civilian. Focus your attack on one of the civilians inside the Plate-n-Chain (they are level 42 and 46 respectively—easy for a level 80 to kill). Kill the civilian first, then focus on the bruiser. And don't let the civilian escape, or he may pull additional bruisers. Obviously this method doesn't provide an endless supply of bruisers, but it won't be long before the guards you killed earlier respawn and provide you with additional fodder.

FYI: For those who can dual-box (play two accounts at once), this grind is much faster. You can either earn Bloodsail rep with both characters (costing you twice as much to repair your Steamwheedle rep later on), or grind with just one character and use the other as a heal-bot. Just keep your healer ungrouped and she/he won't lose or gain any rep. (Of course, this option only works with healing classes.)

When you need to med up, retreat toward the safety zone described earlier. Quickly eat, drink, and rebuff. While you're at it, check for respawned patrols and take them out as necessary.

Then lather, rinse, and repeat your way to

TIP: The toughest part of the grind will be getting from Hated to Hostile. For non-humans, you'll have to kill 72 bruisers for each bubble of reputation you gain with the Bloodsails. But hang in there—it's smooth sailing once you hit the hostile mark, as it only takes 6 bruisers for each bubble of Bloodsail rep thereafter.

6. Repairing your armor

You'll never have to worry about getting to a vendor to empty your bags, since those stingy bruisers don't drop jack. The one thing you will need to do, however, is repair your armor. And you'll need to repair it frequently.

Alliance characters should set their hearthstone to either Stormwind or Darkshire in Duskwood. Unfortunately, these are the closest points that allow for repairing. If you make your home in Stormwind, you can also visit the bank as needed. From either of these points, the alliance pirate can fly to the Rebel Camp in northern Stranglethorn Vale and then mount up and ride all the way back to southern Stranglethorn. Horde characters will have an easier commute by toggling themselves to Grom'Gol in mid-Stranglethorn. Regardless of your faction, mounted travel is the way to go since flying into Booty Bay is so risky.

Should you attempt to fly into Booty Bay, you'll have to fight at least 1 or 2 guards upon landing and then fight your way to the sweet spot for your usual grind. Rogues can Vanish, but I've discovered that unlike stealth, bruisers can see through Vanish. However, mages can cast Invisibility and bruisers cannot sense invisible enemies. So my advice if you're a mage, rogue, or druid is to fly in ONCE and see how you do. If you have too much trouble, stick to to galloping in from the north.

7. Piracy and fame

As I began doing my Bloodsail reputation grind, there was a somewhat unanticipated perk:

Now I'm not talking about widespread everyone-knows-your-name sort of fame, but it's fame enough to draw a crowd. Passer-bys will often drop what they're doing to watch you beat on bruisers (or to watch them beat on you). Some find it curious to see you fighting the friendly goblins. Others watch becasue they expect to see some PvP action (since usually PvP is the only thing to send bruisers into a frenzy). And yet others will cheer you on as you fight against the establishment. Whatever their reasons, you are sure to attract some spectators as you wage your war on Booty Bay. And that's why it's important to look your very best, like every pirate should...

Dressing the part in pirate clothes

8. Looking like a pirate

Since you're on your way to becoming a full-fledged outlaw of the Steamwheedle Cartel, why not look the part? Of course, you'll want to wear only your best gear while you're killing brusiers, but when taking a break from the grind or repairing, why not don something a little more appropriate for an up-and-coming pirate like yourself?

TIP: You can look like a pirate while wearing your best gear by consuming a Savory Deviate Delight (found at auction). This tasty treat has a 50% chance to disguise you as a pirate for 1 hour. The other 50% of the time, you'll be transformed into a ninja.

Once you achieve a neutral standing with the Bloodsails, seek out Fleet Master Firallon for a quest called Dressing the Part. This quest provides you with some free pirate duds that'll make you look like your pirate cronies.

Not quite neutral yet? No problem! You can always wear any of three swashbuckler's shirts (crafted by 160-200+ tailors) along with any pair of pants and boots that will complement the look.

Before you get your Bloodsail hat, you can don an ordinary Admiral's Hat (crafted by 240+ tailors) or an eyepatch for some extra style And finally, if you really want to outclass your fellow Bloodsails, you'll keep the company of a parrot. Granted, it won't be a Blood Parrot, but you'll have one of those soon enough. In the meantime, consider traveling with another pirate bird. There are several other parrot pets to fly by your side and complete your look.

Reputation Gains and Losses

9. Bloodsail reputation gains

The following table includes the Bloodsail Buccaneer reputation gains for all mobs mentioned in this guide. Humans, with their 10% faction bonus for diplomacy, are listed separately. Note that while elites share the same gains as bruisers, they are far less common and much tougher to grind, making bruisers the mob of choice.

Table 9.1: Bloodsail Buccaneer gains
  Bruisers Elites Faldir's Cove
named mobs
Deckhands Deckhands
(at 47+)
Non-humans +25 +25 +5 +5 +1
Humans +27.5 +27.5 +5.5 +5.5 +1.1

Here are the benefits for each Bloodsail Buccaneer reputation level you gain:

  • Unfriendly — Bloodsail mobs will no longer attack you unless provoked. Be sure to uncheck the "At War" box for your new Bloodsail buddies.
  • NeutralDressing the Part (quest) becomes available.
  • FriendlyAvast Ye, Admiral! (quest) becomes available.

10. Steamwheedle reputation losses

The following table includes the Steamwheedle Cartel reputation losses for all mobs mentioned in this guide. Before your grind to friendly is over, you'll be hated with every group listed below.

Table 10.1: Steamwheedle Cartel losses
  Bruisers Elites Faldir's Cove
named mobs
Booty Bay -125 -125 -125 -25
Ratchet -62.5 -62.5 -62.5 -12.5
Gadgetzan -62.5 -62.5 -62.5 -12.5
Everlook -62.5 -62.5 -62.5 -12.5

11. Bottom line figures

Table 11.1 includes the reputation values along with the total number of Booty Bay Bruisers you'll have to kill to improve your standing at each level. Again, humans with their 10% faction bonus have been listed separately.

Table 11.1: Reputation & kill count
Standing Reputation Brusiers to kill
(non-human races)
Brusiers to kill
Hated Hostile 0-36,000 1,440 1,310
Hostile Unfriendly 0-3,000 120 110
Unfriendly Neutral 0-3,000 120 110
Neutral Friendly 0-3,000 120 110

If you did most of the early Stranglethorn Vale quests as well as those that involved killing Bloodsail pirates during your leveling days, you're in for a long grind. Depending on your standing, you'll have to kill anywhere from 1,300 to 1,800 Booty Bay Bruisers (about 1,200 to 1,650 if you're human). At 30-40 bruisers per hour, most players will spend about 30-40 hours grinding to friendly. Sounds like fun, right?wink

FYI: While all reputation-gaining mobs of any real consequence are noted in this guide, WoWiki's Bloodsail Buccaneers article includes the reputation values of other mobs. Most are typically worth 1 or 5 rep a piece.

Becoming an Admiral

12. Avast Ye, Admiral!

Once you've finally reached friendly with the Bloodsail Buccaneers, you can pick up the quest Avast Ye, Scallywag (available at level 55) from "Pretty Boy" Duncan. This quest, which simply involves talking to Duncan, is the prerequisite for the quest that rewards your admiral's hat.

Avast Ye, Admiral! requires that you kill [60] Baron Revilgaz and [60] Fleet Master Seahorn. While these NPCs won't be tough to dispatch at level 70, they are situated atop of the inn, which is one of the best-defended areas in Booty Bay. You can pull each separately. However, attacking either will immediately cause two bruisers to spawn and attack you. This makes the task tough (but not impossible) to do alone. You may want to recruit a few or two to help.

13. A little help from yer mates

Be sure that your friends toggle the "At War" box with Booty Bay before you begin the fight. They also should understand that there is a chance they will lose Booty Bay rep (and a bit of Steamwheedle rep as well). If they do nothing more than crowd-control, they shouldn't lose any. But if they damage any of the NPCs or give you heals or buffs during the fight, their Booty Bay rep will take a small hit. But then, most people aren't concerned with their Steamwheedle/Booty Bay rep, as it doesn't grant them anything special.

With one or two friends healing you, providing additional CC, and fighting if necessary, you should have little trouble completing the quest. Just remain focused on killing the Barron and Fleet Master while your friends distract the bruisers. Don't worry about dying—just worry about taking down the two targets. Upon completing the quest, head back to the Bloodsail fleet master and get your much-deserved Bloodsail Admiral's Hat and Blood Parrot. Savor the moment, you dirty scoundrel—you earned it and then some.wink

Now that you've got your awe-inspiring hat and amazing pet parrot, you're done, right? Wrong. It's time for you to repay your debt for the countless goblins you slaughtered and restore your Steamwheedle standing, once more allowing you to access neutral banks, auction houses, flight paths, etcetera.

Repairing Your Steamwheedle Reputation

14. While preserving your Bloodsail standing

Once you have the hat and the pirate clothes, there's nothing else you can get from the Bloodsails. It's unknown whether Blizzard will add any new content for friends of the Bloodsail Buccaneers, but it's pretty unlikely since so few are willing to do the grind. But if you insist on restoring your Steamwheedle rep while maintaining your friendship with the Bloodsails, you have a couple of options.

Repeatable Quests in Dire Maul

Probably the fastest way to improve your standing with the Steamwheedle goblins without sacrificing your Bloodsail affiliation will take you into Dire Maul north (in central Feralas). However this method also involves the most risk and some classes may have trouble doing it solo. Before you head into Dire Maul, bring the following for maximum reputation gains:

  • 4 Bolts of Runecloth
  • 8 Rugged Leather
  • 2 Rune Thread

Upon entering the instance, you'll have a couple of objectives. First you'll want to kill ogres (or boss mobs) until you get the Gordok Shackle Key. Your second objective involves retrieving Ogre Tannin which is found in a basket in the far corner of the balcony after passing Guard Slip'kik and turning the corner. Once you have the key and the tannin, make your way to Knot Thimblejack who will give you a quest to create the Gordok Ogre Suit. Turn in the trade goods your brought along with the tannin and you'll earn 75 rep with all four Steamwheedle towns. Then use the key to free Knot, giving you an additional whopping 350 rep across the board. Once Knot is freed, you can access his cache for a few goodies.

TIP: So long as you have the Gordok Shackle Key, you can free Knot Thimblejack for 350 rep without worrying about rounding up the trade goods to make the Gordok Ogre Suit. You won't get the 75 rep, but you also won't have to spend gold on the trade goods or risk your life retrieving the Ogre Tannin.
Repeatable Quests in Feralas

Another method, one which is safer than heading to Dire Maul but slower, involves traveling to the western coast of Feralas. Near the docks, you'll find Zorbin Fandazzle. He can offer you two repeatable quests that you can do right there in the area to simultaneously bolster your rep with all four Steamwheedle factions. You'll earn 25 rep across the board for Zapped Giants and 25 rep for Fuel for the Zapping as well. These quests involve low drop rates and limited mobs that take a while to respawn, making them time-consuming and dull. But hey, if you want to preserve your Bloodsail rep, this is one more way to do it.

Pirate, Bandit, and Venture Co. Grinding

A third way to earn your Steamwheedle reputation without compromising your Bloodsail rep involves killing scores of lower-level pirates, bandits, and Venture Co. mobs.

The Southsea Freebooters just south of Ratchet make easy targets, as all of them are level 16 or lower and can be slaughtered in droves very quickly. Each of these is worth 5 rep for Ratchet, and 2.5 for the other three groups. Named mobs are worth slightly more.

Wastewander Bandits southeast of Gadgetzan span the lower 40s and can be killed fairly quickly at level 80. Each of these is worth 5 rep for Gadgetzan, and 2.5 for the other three groups. Named mobs are worth slightly more. Make sure you save your Wastewander Water Pouches to turn in for addition reputation gains (+10 Gadgetzan rep for every 5 pouches) once you become neutral with Gadgetzan.

The Venture Co. goblins throughout Stranglethorn Vale also provide a small amount of rep. They are worth 5 rep a piece for Booty Bay and 2.5 for the other groups.

15. While collecting more pets

So you've damaged your Booty Bay rep going after your Bloodsail Parrot. Well, repairing your rep doesn't have to be all bad news... what better way to do it than to collect more pets! (Note that this method WILL compromise your Bloodsail standing.)

Collect the Mechanical Chicken!

There are the three homing beacons you use to find the three OOX (mechanical chickens) in the game. The homing beacons are random drops with roughly a 1% drop rate in each of their respective zones:

Next, you'll escort the chickens out to their safe zones with the following quests provided:

And finally, after rescuing all three, report to Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Booty Bay and you can get a final quest, An OOX of Your Own, that rewards the Mechanical Chicken. This last quest yields a whopping 500 rep with Booty Bay (-500 Bloodsails).

Collect the Hyacinth Macaw!

If you still find yourself unwelcome in Booty Bay, you can also grind the various Bloodsail Pirates in Stranglethorn Vale to try to get the elusive Hyacinth Macaw. The Bloodsail mobs yield only 1 rep each (with a loss of 25 Bloodsail rep), but you'll likely have to kill a throng of them to get the Hyacinth—this pet has arguably the lowest drop rate in the game.

In the end, you'll earn +2300 rep obtaining the Mechanical Chicken, as well as all rep killing pirates to get your Hyacinth. Between the two, you should be sitting pretty with Booty Bay in no time. And all you had to do was collect a few more pets.wink

16. Betray the Bloodsails!

Repeatable Turn-In Quests

After spending days, weeks, and possibly even months grinding bruisers to get your Bloodsail Admiral's Hat, most people will be in no mood to grind their Steamwheedle rep back up to neutral. Luckily, there's a quick, albeit costly, method to recover reputation with all four goblin cities.

Outside of each goblin city you'll find an NPC you can actually speak to. Each NPC offers a repeatable quest to turn in 40 of a certain type of cloth along with 4 common trade goods purchased from ordinary vendors. Upon completing the quest, you'll gain 500 rep with the goblin town that the NPC represents. Additionally, you'll gain 250 rep with the other three towns. However, these reputation gains come at the price of losing 500 reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers per turn-in.

TIP: You will need tons of linen, silk, mageweave, and runecloth to restore your reputation (no wool, however). So if you're getting tired of grinding Booty Bay Bruisers, consider taking a break and farming some cloth instead. It will eventually be put to good use.

Each of the four quests featured in table 15.1 may be repeated until you're neutral with the related town.

Table 15.1: Repeatable reputation quests
Town, Quest & NPC Required Mats. Steamwheedle
Mending Old Wounds:
See Mupsi Shacklefridd
40 Linen Cloth;
4 Empty Vials
Booty Bay:
Traitor to the Bloodsail:
See Bloodsail Traitor
40 Silk Cloth;
4 Red Dye
Booty Bay:
War at Sea:
See Rumsen Fizzlebrack
40 Mageweave Cloth;
4 Strong Flux
Booty Bay:
Making Amends:
See Bronn Fitzwrench
40 Runecloth;
4 Coal
Booty Bay:
CAUTION: Don't overstock more cloth and/or tradegoods than you'll need. Remember, the quests in the table above are only available if your reputation with the related town is below neutral.

Individuals at WoWWiki have calculated the number of materials required to reach neutral with each goblin town, assuming you are completely hated by all four. See the table below.

Table 15.2: Material totals per town
  Cloth count Trade supply count
Ratchet 168 stacks of Linen Cloth 336 Empty Vials
Booty Bay 84 stacks of Silk Cloth 168 Red Dye
Gadgetzan 42 stacks of Mageweave Cloth 84 Strong Flux
Everlook 22 stacks of Runecloth 44 Coal

If you turn in all of these materials, starting with Ratchet and ending with Everlook, you'll be honored with Ratchet, friendly with Booty Bay, neutral with Gadgetzan (nearly friendly), and neutral with Everlook. You'll also be about 200-400 gold poorer if you buy the cloth from your auction house.

Due to spill-over rep, you will only have to turn in half the amount of materials with each successive town you visit. So if you begin turning in materials to Booty Bay and move to Ratchet second, you'd need 168 stacks of Silk and 84 stacks of Linen. Additionally, the town you visit first will be the one where you're honored and you'll be just a smidge into neutral for the town you visit last. So if you're more concerned about your standing with a given town rather than the cost of materials, you may want to do your turn-in quests in a different order.

FYI: Should your goal be to achieve an equal standing with all four towns, you'll need to turn in 68 stacks of every type of cloth and 136 of each vendored trade good total. This will make you neutral with all four towns.

Turn in all of the aforementioned cloth and trade supplies and you'll be back in the good graces of the Steamwheedle goblins and you can wear your Bloodsail Admiral's Hat around them with pride. Congratulations!

Bloodsail Bloodbath

If you don't mind doing more grinding, feel free to stab your Bloodsail buddies in the back... repeatedly! Every Bloodsail mob you slaughter is worth 1 rep with Booty Bay and 0.5 with the rest of the Steamwheedlers. Fleet Master Firallon is worth 25 / 12.5 rep and the other named mobs are worth 5 / 2.5 rep. A level 80 should have no problem massacring these pirates en masse. Plus, as noted in the preceding section, you have a chance to get the extremely rare Hyacinth Macaw. This method isn't quick, but it won't cost you any gold and you'll even profit as you kill and loot your way back to neutral with the Cartel.

In Closing

17. Author's note

When it came to earning my own Bloodsail Admiral's Hat, I chose to do so with my human rogue. As a dual-boxer, I had some help from my druid, who was there strictly for healing and moral support. The healing greatly reduced my downtime and allowed me to take on several bruisers at once. In the end, I was able to get my Blood Parrot after about 10 solid hours of grinding.

For those who are curious, I prepared this guide by compiling pertinent information from many different sources. I've pooled data from other websites, interviews with players who earned their hats, and some experimentation on my own part.

I wish all of you prospective pirates the best of luck in earning your Bloodsail hat and parrot! Yaaarrrrr!!!smile

Last updated: March 2009 - no longer being maintained

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