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Vale Flitter — Pet of the Month: January 2018

January 13, 2018
Vale Flitter - Pet of the Month January 2018

We're starting off the year with a pet-type that can usually be found at least once each expansion. It may be more common and not very flashy, but this moth is a must have for any collector or battler — let's discuss the Vale Flitter!

Collecting the Vale Flitter
Vale Flitter
The Vale Flitter is a wild pet that can be found in Val'sharah on the Broken Isles. It's level 25 and can be encountered as a primary or secondary wild pet.

This pet generally prefers the lush green areas in Val'sharah, however there is a small area north of Andu'talah where the Vale Flitter has a chance to appear.

If it's being too elusive, one trick is to kill any miscellaneous critters in the area. This tactic might "force" a Vale Flitter to spawn.

Collecting this wild moth will award progress toward the Broken Isles Safari achievement. Defeating a Vale Flitter is an objective during the Sharptalon Hatchling quest chain, just be sure to have the correct pet team ready for battle!

Battling with the Vale Flitter
The Vale Flitter is a strong battler with a surprising amount of survivability.

Moths in general are a popular choice for many. The Vale Flitter has a moveset shared mostly by newer moths like the Cerulean Moth, as opposed to older ones like the Oasis Moth. It's debatable which set is strictly "better." Each has their own benefits for different encounters.

The ability most moths share, Cocoon Strike, is a big reason why moths are so popular. The avoidance is a very powerful tool for blocking, especially if your opponent is slower than your moth. With the flying family trait, the enemy pet probably will be.

Another shared ability, Moth Dust, is a high-damage, but high-cooldown DPS ability. It also brings a chance to stun to the table which can help with longevity too — as long as you get lucky.

Reckless Strike brings some big DPS too, but it's a double-edged sword, applying a self-debuff which increases damage taken for a turn. The Cocoon can help with that a bit. So can Counterspell, which only prevents your opponent from acting, and only if your Flitter goes first.

Slicing Wind brings the filler DPS to the table for most moths. As a multi-hitting ability, it seems to synergize better with this moveset. Pairing it with Call Lightning makes for a great combo.

Vale Flitter casting Call Lightning
Call Lightning is great for a number of reasons. It's a weather effect, which can be vital for messing up your opponent's day. In this case, Call Lightning acts as a great move to bump up the DPS.

Among the Call Lightning moths, the Vale Flitter is your best choice because it's the only one with a P/P breed option, and you're going to want as much power as possible behind your pet. Call Lightning is really what sets the newer moths apart from the older ones. If you really need to focus on the DPS, or need to shut down a weather combo, use the Vale Flitter. If you need more juking capability, grab an older, more traditional moth. The kind of moth your mom would want you to settle down with, if she were also a moth.

Pet of the Month is co-written by Liopleurodon, an experienced pet battler and long-time WoW player. She maintains her own Pet Battle blog and is a Pet Battle columnist on the fansite Blizzard Watch.
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A nice choice, after so much moths already in the game it's easy to overlook that one! But it has its charm indeed. With Mechanical Axebeak and Stormwing in can create an anti-Beast trio :)

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