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Undocumented Changes In 4.2

July 05, 2011
Here are some of the undocumented changes that have been identified within Patch 4.2.

Cat Idle Animations
If you've played with any of the cat companions post-patch, you may have noticed that they have learned some new tricks. Blizzard has updated the older models to include the idle animations, sit and lie down, that were once thought to be only for the newer cub pets. Now all our friendly felines can show us just how laid back and lazy they are!

Avian Idle Animations
Along with the updated cats, Blizzard has slowed down the constant flapping animation for many of our avian companions, specifically those found in the parrot sub-category. Rather than a frantic flapping when idle, these winged beauties have a more graceful and slow-paced flutter in this latest patch update.
Posted by Quintessence
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