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Tuskarr Kite and Spectral Kitten

November 24, 2009
Tuskarr Kite and Spectral Tiger Cub
NEW Pets! The latest WoW TCG series Scourgewar was just released and with it come two new vanity pets: Tuskarr Kite and Spectral Tiger Cub.

The Tuskarr Kite code can be found on rare loot cards (#2/3) and redeemed in Booty Bay from the pet collectors' favorite goblin, Landro Longshot. This flying "fish" with feathery fins is sure to delight, especially if you like big view-obstructing pets.

The Spectral Tiger Cub comes from an extremely rare loot card (#3/3) and is also redeemed from Landro. This phantasmic feline is a baby pet version of the coveted Spectral Tiger mount. He makes the cutest little ghostly meow when trying to roar like his daddy.
Posted by Sateena
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