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Love Stinks

January 26, 2009
Stinker in Love
The J. Geils Band hit the nail on the head when they sang "Love Stinks", especially if you're a lovesick little skunk by the name of Stinker. In Patch 3.0.8, Blizzard finally made good on their promise to add something special for Stinker (see Breanni Goes to Blizzcon). When Stinker sees a Black Tabby Cat or a Bombay Cat, he becomes infatuated and begins chasing the unsuspecting feline around. This should come as no surprise, for Breanni warns in her letter that Stinker "has a thing for black cats."

Sporting a big heart over his head and leaving a trail of small hearts behind, the spunky skunk is relentless in his literal pursuit of love. Alas, poor Stinker's affections go unrequited. He eventually gives up the chase with a broken heart. However, he will eagerly begin the whole routine anew after returning to his owner, if the seductive black feline is still there to tempt him!
Posted by Sateena
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