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The Shattering: Pets In a Brave New World

November 23, 2010
The Shattering: Pets In a Brave New World
It's finally here! Patch 4.0.3 has arrived and so has the revamping of old Azeroth. Many zones have been changed, and new or updated level 1-60 quests have been released. With these new quests and zones come four highly anticipated companions to add to your collection:

Yes, new pets to collect even before the expansion is released! Unlike the many other pets coming in Cataclysm, these four do not require the expansion to access as they are obtained from lower level areas and quests. Check out their pet profiles to learn more about them!

Be On the Look Out!
The changed landscape also means there will be some "missing" and relocated companions that we will have to re-discover as we explore the new landscape. Some of these pets include the whelpling family, the Sprite Darter (for Alliance), and a few others.

Keep in mind that there's been no confirmation that any of these have been removed permanently. We remain confident that our beloved pets of old will still be around, although possibly found and obtained in new ways. So keep your eyes peeled and be on the look out for those sneaky and resilient little ones that have somehow managed to escape Deathwing's wrath!

Older Pets To Be Updated
Older pets will have their profiles updated as we receive news and information on where they have wound up post-shattering. Many have already been updated, such as the Disgusting Oozeling. Despite the changes to Eastern Plaguelands and the removal of the oozes located there, this pet can still be obtained through Oozing Bags from Un'goro oozes.

Any news of updated locations and the droprates of pets will also be periodically posted in our news section of this site, so be sure to check back in the near future!

Humanoids Find a New Home
In addition to the changes to some pet profiles, WarcraftPets has an updated Bestiary. A new main category has been included, Humanoids, and some companions have been moved to this section. We hope this will make browsing easier and more efficient. Besides, how else could we accurately classify a Moonkin Hatchling?
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