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PTR 4.2: Pet Achievement Updates

May 14, 2011
150 Pets Collected!
MMO-Champion has discovered some changes to the most recently implemented pet collecting achievements (as well as a new tier and pet reward!) in the latest PTR build. [source]

After further investigation on the PTR, players completing the Petting Zoo and Menagerie achievements will receive an in-game mail from our favorite gnome, Breanni, who sends her regards and encouragement to keep collecting. Along with this message, Breanni will send one (1) pet biscuit. The biscuit is a one time use item and will disappear once used on a non-combat pet.

New Pet Reward!
As its item name implies, the reward for Littlest Pet Shop is indeed... nuts! This companion is a little squirrel who will occasionally throw an acorn at a nearby NPC or player's head. Although there is a resulting stunned animation over the victim's head, this pet's antics won't actually daze or prevent movement.

Possible Companion Reward?
Not only will there be a new pet reward for the Littlest Pet Shop, MMO-Champion datamined another achievement that may also reward a pet. [source]

  • The 'Unbeatable?' Pterodactyl: BEATEN. - Complete the Vigilance on Wings daily quest in Mount Hyjal 10 times. Reward: Chirping Box

So far it's unknown whether or not the Chirping Box will actually contain a companion, however we remain hopeful that the box is chirping for a reason. (C'mon second jouster!)
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