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Post-Cataclysm Pet News

January 25, 2011
UPDATE: The Guild Herald will also only require a revered reputation with your guild to purchase, down from exalted, once Patch 4.0.6 is released!

With the first month of Cataclysm behind us, things are starting to settle down. We hope these past few weeks have been kind to everyone, and that Great Father Winter brought you exactly the pet you've been waiting for!

Armadillo Pup Reputation Change
Here are some updates in recent pet news:

Armadillo Pup Reputation Change
In the official PTR notes, the Armadillo Pup only requires a revered reputation with your guild to purchase, down from exalted. This is definitely exciting news, one that many will be looking forward to if this change goes live!

United Nations Achievement Bug
There are some reports that the United Nations achievement is currently not behaving correctly on live servers. Rather than taking into account all unique reputations of revered guild members, the achievement is only showing the exalted reputations of a single guild member.

This achievement is necessary to unlock the Dark Phoenix Hatchling, so we can only hope that the matter will be investigated and fixed soon.

Happy Hunting!
We'll continue to monitor both the Armadillo Pup as well as the United Nations bug, and report any changes or updates.

For now, congratulations to everyone on all their newest additions, and best of luck and happy hunting on all the remaining and future pets!
Posted by Quintessence
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