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Searing Scorchling is Back in 4.2

June 21, 2011
Searing Scorchling
When the Frigid Frostling replaced the Searing Scorchling in June of 2010, we remained hopeful that our fiery friend would eventually resurface and be available to collectors again in the future. It took awhile, but we are happy to announce that the scorchling will finally be making a reappearance in Patch 4.2! [source]

A New Home
As of 4.2, the Searing Scorchling will have a (possibly very) low drop chance from Zen'Vorka's Cache. This cache is purchasable for 30 Marks of the World Tree from Zen'Vorka who is located at the new Firelands quest hub in the Molten Front.

Unlocking the Vendors
The catch is that players must unlock all the vendors of the new questing area before being allowed to buy this mysterious cache. This process includes completing the three stages of the quest line, as well as the three vendor-specific quests, Filling the Moonwell, Additional Armaments, and Calling the Ancients.

The entire adventure will take over one month to complete. Thankfully, by the time players have reached the end of the storyline, completing all the new dailies will award about 30 Marks of the World Tree each day. Just enough marks to try your luck with the cache on a regular basis!
Posted by Quintessence
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