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Patch 3.3.3 and Blue Rocket Bot go Live!

March 26, 2010
Patch 3.3.3 Rocket Bot
UPDATE: In an unannounced change with patch 3.3.3 the Kirin Tor Familiar has a new look. Whereas the old version was bright and cheery, this new version is more dark and sinister. Does ums wittle arcaney-kins need a happy wappy pet snack?

NEW Pet! With patch 3.3.3 comes a new pet for players to collect: Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot! Sure it's just a new color version of the 2007 Winter Veil Bot. And the only difficulty in obtaining it will be making your way through the lag in Dalaran to Jepetto's toy shop. But it's still a welcome addition to our ever-growing database of pets!

Changes in Patch 3.3.3
Here are some note-worthy changes that have gone into effect with the new patch:

  • Pet Bombling and Lil' Smoky are no longer bind-on-pickup. Yay!
  • Holiday bosses such as Ahune, Headless Horseman and Apothecary Hummel will be accessible through the Dungeon Finder. They will drop a loot bag which may contain rare items for each player only once per day (though you may continue to farm the boss multiple times for normal loot). We assume this means players will only get one chance per day to farm for holiday pets like the Scorchling, Sinister Squashling and Toxic Wasteling, though perhaps Blizzard will increase the drop rate to compensate.
  • Players looking to add the Strand Crawler to their collection will have a slightly easier go at it, as the "Monsterbelly Appetite" fishing daily now takes place outside the Violet Hold.
  • Murkimus the Gladiator is now available to all characters on WoW accounts that originally received this pet for participating in the 2009 WoW Arena Tournament. Previously, only characters that existed at the time of Murkimus' original distribution received it.

Other pets?
We still have no word on the other pets that were datamined from the PTR for this patch: Lil' XT, Celestial Dragon and Frigid Frostling. We will certainly keep you updated on any news. In the meantime, enjoy the new patch and the new pet!
Posted by Sateena
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