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Patch 3.2 Is Here!

August 04, 2009
Patch 3.2 Is Here!
Patch 3.2 just went live and tons of new pets have been added! Here's a summary of all the new content for pet collectors:

But wait, there's more!
In addition to these 11 brand new pets, Patch 3.2 brings with it an optional change to two previous pets. For 150 Champion's Seals, you can purchase an Argent Pony Bridle to upgrade your Argent Gruntling or Argent Squire. Once upgraded, your little servant will now actually be able to serve you. Every 4 hours, he can grant you access to the bank, mailbox or a vendor for 3 minutes. Plus, whenever you mount up on a ground mount, he'll mount up on his adorable little pony!

NOTE: Equipping your squire or gruntling with this item does not make it count as a new pet.

Coming soon?
All of this new content should keep us pet collectors very busy for a long time. However, we will still be on the lookout for many more potential new pets that have not yet been implemented:

  • Calico Cat
  • Jade Tiger Cub (formerly Jade Panda Cub)
  • Macabre Marionette - possible pet available during new Day of the Dead event (November)
  • Onyx Panther
  • Plump Turkey - confirmed: reward for new Pilgrim's Bounty meta achievement (November)

Be sure to keep up with the latest pet collecting news right here.
Posted by Sateena
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