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Patch 5.1 is Live, Along with 36 New Pets!

November 27, 2012
UPDATE: We found a straggler! Another new wild pet, the Eternal Strider, was added to our database. This brings the total up to 37 new pets to collect!

In addition, players that completed the achievement Taming the World prior to Patch 5.1 may not receive the intended reward, the Safari Hat. Developers are looking into this bug and will hopefully have a fix soon.

Patch 5.1 is Live, Along with 36 New Pets!
Patch 5.1 is WoW's first major content patch for Mists of Pandaria, and boy is it packed with a ton of content for pet enthusiasts!

Below is just the tip of the iceberg. For a list of all the changes and new additions, check out the official notes on MMO-Champion.

36 New Pets to Collect!

  • The Cinder Kitten will go on sale in the Blizzard Pet Store post-5.1 release. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross to help aid those affected by the superstorm, Sandy.
  • There are four new Pandaren Spirit companions, available from the new Spirit Tamer daily reward bag.
  • A new Tamer will be at the upcoming Darkmoon Faire, and his daily reward bag will have a chance to drop the Darkmoon Eye.
  • In addition to this, the Darkmoon Faire pet vendor will have a new companion available for purchase.
  • 12 new vanilla raid dropped pets!
  • Tailors have a chance to create two new pets when transmuting cloth into Imperial Cloth.
  • 13 new wild pets to capture!

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New Pet Battle Features

  • The cap for total number of pets allowed in the Pet Journal has been raised from 500 to 650!
  • The Pet Journal now has additional sorting options. You can sort by name, type, rarity, level and zone.
  • Quality for all pets can also now be viewed in the Pet Journal.
  • Tooltips on all pets have been updated to show how many of that particular pet you already own.
  • Wold maps now show the pet level of each zone.
  • The Pet Battle combat UI has been updated, and shows the quality of a wild pet once the battle starts.
  • The UI will also show debuffs for pets not currently on the field, and the duration for those debuffs.
  • Macros have been implemented that will allow you to summon a random companion or your favorites.
  • A few achievements have been updated to offer a reward for completion, such as the Safari Hat for completing Taming the World!

Upgrading the Quality of Your Pets
Battle-Stones are a new item that can be used to directly upgrade your pets to uncommon (via Polished Battle-Stones) or rare (via Flawless Battle-Stones).

  • There are two versions of each type of stone; general and family-specific. General Battle-Stones can be used to upgrade any pet to the quality designated by that stone, while family-specific stones may only be used on a specific pet type.
  • Using a Battle-Stone on a pet level 15 or higher will cause the pet to lose 2 levels.
  • Battle-Stones can be found in the Tamer daily reward bag, or awarded to you after defeating a wild pet in battle. Defeating a higher level pet increases your chances of getting a stone.
  • Stones can also be purchased for 1,000 Justice Points.

Mists of Pandaria 50% Off!
Mists of Pandaria 50% Off!
If you have friends and family that have yet to upgrade and see all the wonders of Pandaria and travel to new lands to capture these awesome new pets, now's a great time to send them a gift!

Blizzard is having a special sale and the price of MoP has been cut in half. This sale will end on Thursday, November 29, 2012, so don't delay!
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