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October is for the Squirrels

October 01, 2008
Woodland Squirrel
As many fellow “Brew of the Month” club members have discovered, the new October offering is [Autumnal Acorn Ale]. This is a “weak alcohol that’s good for you and good for nature.” What the Surgeon General doesn’t warn about is how drinking this beverage can result in some strange, squirrely side effects. With your irresistibly nutty aroma, you may find yourself the target of a young Woodland Squirrel's short-lived infatuation, as it follows you around for 10 seconds. Or you may wind up with an acorn-sized headache as the unfortunate victim of a “nut and run” (in other words, a squirrel may pelt you with an acorn).

In other squirrel-related news, one of the new achievements to be implemented with the next patch is called “To All the Squirrels I’ve Loved Before.” To complete this achievement, you must “show the critters of Azeroth how much you /love them.” More specifically, you have to go around to the 21 different critters listed and do the /love emote while targeting them. The reward is only 10 achievement points, but it can lead you and your little companions on some fun and exciting adventures!
Posted by Sateena
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