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Mysterious Egg News

December 07, 2008
Proto-Drake, flying high!
A couple of interesting tidbits have been reported about the pets that hatch from The Oracles' [Mysterious Egg]. All of the flying pets apparently have a special ability. They can fly high up in the air beside your flying mount. These pets include the Proto-Drake Whelp, Tickbird Hatchling, and White Tickbird Hatchling. They are still babies, however, so they are not able to keep up if you go full speed on an epic flyer. Druids in flight form can summon these pets while flying.

Also of note, all pets from The Oracles' eggs do not bind on pickup. They can be traded and auctioned. Special thanks to Ninjabolt for providing much of the information for this article.
Posted by Sateena
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