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MoP: Pet Achievements and New Pets

April 24, 2012
A new beta patch should be released soon, however, MMO-Champion and Wowhead News are already uncovering some interesting goodies from the upcoming patch!

60 New Pet Achievements
Quite a large list of pet-related achievements have been datamined from the latest beta build. [source]

Many are tiered achievements related to Pet Battles and Pet PVP Battles. There are some collecting achievements mixed in, however they mainly focus on the collection of (wild) battle pets. Other achievements include leveling pets, and capturing companions in specific zones.

Currently there aren't any rewards for the completion of these achievements, but this could change at any time.

Here's just a snippet of the many achievements discovered so far.

  • Grand Master Pet Battler - Win 1000 pet battles.
  • Legendary Pet Battler - Win 5000 pet battles.
  • No Favorites - Raise a pet of every family to level 25.
  • Family Reunion - Capture a battle pet from each family.

For the full list of pet achievements, check out the WarcraftPets forums.

Keep in mind that the list of achievements could be updated or altered in future patches and should not be taken as the final version.

5 New Pets
Pet achievements weren't the only things found in the latest beta patch - new pets were hiding in there as well! [source]

  • Fishy - Bind on Pick Up
  • Gilnean Raven
  • Red Cricket - Bind on Use
  • Shore Crab
  • Terrible Turnip - Bind on Use

There's no information on how any of these pets will be obtainable, however WowInsider speculates that the Terrible Turnip might be available through the Tiller Faction. Hopefully this companion won't be as ill-tempered as its name suggests, or else this vegetable might turn out to be an ingredient in someone's lunch!
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