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Guardian Cub Curiosities

August 09, 2011
WoW Guardian Cub
The whereabouts of the Guardian Cub is still a heavily guarded secret. Despite many initial beliefs that it would become available from the Blizzard PetStore shortly after its larger mount counterpart was released, this adorable companion is still in hiding. On top of the many questions revolving around the Guardian Cub, a new curious aspect of this pet has popped up.

Limited Soulbound Duration
Since the discovery of this non-combat companion in patch 4.1, a new item ID for it has surfaced in patch 4.2. There are now two separate item IDs for the Guardian Cub, each with somewhat different item text.

  • The older datamined item states that the Guardian Cub has a one hour duration. After the one hour has passed, it "unbinds" and is likely then trade-able with other players.
  • The newest datamined Guardian Cub simply states that it is a unique item, meaning a player may only have one of these items in their inventory at any given time.

While there are two item IDs, it should be noted that both items appear to teach the same spell ID.

What Does It Mean?
We aren't entirely sure what the two item IDs could mean for this companion or if it's an indicator of anything significant at all. There could be many explanations as to why a pet item would have a limited soulbound duration on it, and we hope to provide some answers about this companion soon.

In the meantime, we invite everyone to check out our discussion page on the WarcraftPets Facebook to discuss ideas and theories about the Guardian Cub!
Posted by Quintessence
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