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Grunty the Murloc Marine

May 11, 2009
Grunty the Murloc Marine
MMO Champion reports a new pet, Grunty the Murloc Marine! He's an adorable orange murloc in a Starcraft marine suit, complete with C-14 Impaler gauss rifle. And that powerful weapon isn't just for show! While idle, this little fellow will occasionally start firing, shooting out flames and scattering bullet casings everywhere (check out the video).

UPDATE: Blizzard has confirmed that this new pet will be given out to people who attend BlizzCon 2009 or purchase the BlizzCon Pay Per View via DIRECTV or Internet stream. A blue post confirms that purchasers of either Pay Per View option will receive the in-game item. Yay! Additionally, a Blizzard rep had this say for our international pet collectors:

Q: Will people outside of the United States be able to purchase the online stream and receive the in-game pet?
A: Yes, but there may be some limitations on countries that can do this. We will post more details regarding this when the online stream is available for purchase.
Posted by Sateena
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